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When you or a family member is charged with a murder case it is not easy to figure out exactly who is the best criminal defense attorney to represent you.  The reason this is so difficult is because it is not something you have experience in dealing with and you have limited ways to verify the claims of the attorneys on the internet.  Your best strategy is to first see if the attorney has the experience and credentials you are looking for in your attorney and then set up a face to face meeting with them so you can ask some pointed questions and get a feel for the type person you want handling such an important case.  By meeting with them face to face you will get a feel for the type of person they are and how persuasive they will be with the jury and judge.  If you like them and feel comfortable with them, then you are on your way towards finding the person you need to basically save you or your loved one’s life.

I have handle over 200 jury trials over the course of the past 25 years and have defended murder cases all over Los Angeles County under some serious pressure with the most severe consequences on the line.  When your client is facing the rest of their life in prison you as an attorney must come up with the most powerful strategy for your client and do everything within your power to give them the best possible defense.  One of the biggest keys that I have seen in a successful murder defense is preparation.  When I go to trial I have a powerful theory of how our case will be tried and I then marshal everything related to the case around that theory.  That means every question asked of the witnesses during the trial wrapping our theory in every statement we make during the course of the murder trail.  And then in the end during the closing argument I pull it all together and show the jury why my client is innocent or deserves to be convicted of a lesser charge and not murder.

The charge of murder is the highest crime known to man and it therefore carries penalties that are extremely harsh. Most individuals convicted will never be released from prison. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that you hire an attorney that has a vast experience dealing with murder charges. A person charged with murder will typically only receive one chance to properly defend themselves…after that, if they are convicted, it will be too late to help them. I have handled countless murder cases over my years of practice. If you or your loved one’s life is on the line, contact a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer at our office and lets meet and discuss what is necessary to be successful. I stand at the ready to help you. Please review my credentials; they are unmatched!

Murder cases are difficult to defend because the system treats them with a high level of resources. Meaning, the best detectives are assigned to investigate them and the best prosecutors are assigned to prosecute them. Because a life has been lost in a murder case, public policy demands that the prosecutors pull out all the stops to investigate and prosecute the person charged with murder. That means they will stop at nothing to see that the client is convicted of murder. They have plenty of resources available to them to get the job done. There are very few defense attorneys that can match them; that’s where I come in:

The following is an example of a real life murder case where my client was found not guilty – my client was charged with first degree murder and a number of other serious crimes. He admitted to the police that he fired the weapon (that was recovered and test fired…and determined by an expert to be the weapon that was used in the killing). After an approximately week long trial, the jury found my client not guilty of murder and all other charges. Before the trial, because of the overwhelming evidence, the defense offered to plead guilty to second degree murder which would have carried a sentence of 15 years to life, and the head prosecutor refused. This case is an example of what a skilled defense attorney can do to an unprepared / out matched prosecutor’s case.

An accusation of murder is one of the most serious charges a person can face. In California, for intentional homicide you will be facing either a first or second degree murder charge. First degree murder is when an intentional death results due to malice aforethought, premeditation, on the part of the killer. Second degree murder is a homicide that is intentional, without malice or premeditation, and takes place in the heat of passion, such as in a domestic violence situation. Both 1st and 2nd degree murders are felony offenses in the state of California and will be punished severely.

Murder is regarded throughout the world as one of the most heinous criminal acts that one can commit. It is viewed by society as evil, and is a crime that shows an extreme disregard for another person’s life. In Los Angeles County alone, over 500 murders are committed every year. In most cases, the individuals convicted of these murders were committing other violent crimes such as rape, robbery, kidnapping or arson.

In California, you may face the following sentences for 1st or 2nd degree murder:

1st Degree Murder:

  • Life imprisonment or the death penalty
  • No possibility of parole

2nd Degree Murder:

  • Life imprisonment
  • Possibility of parole after 15 years served

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At the Hedding Law Firm, our attorneys believe that if you are being investigated or have been arrested for murder then it is critical to your case that you retain the services of an experienced and aggressive defense lawyer immediately. It is very important that our firm can begin our own investigation as soon as possible in order to preserve evidence that may benefit your case. Our law firm will challenge the charges against you and make every attempt to have them lowered or dismissed completely.

Your constitutional rights are very important to us! We will fight to obtain the best outcome for your particular case.

Contact a Los Angeles murder/homicide criminal defense attorney at our law firm today to discuss the details that led to your arrest.   We also discuss cases with family members who are trying to help those charged with murder or attempted murder related to legal fees and the best course of action moving forward.  We will also go and visit the person in jail so they are comfortable with our representation and know exactly what the game plan will be moving forward.

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