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Solicitation of Murder in California

Learn About the Crime of Solicitation of Murder in California

A lot of people don't realize that they themselves actually don't have to commit a murder in order to be charged with murder.  I've seen a lot of scenarios where people are charged with solicitation of murder and they basically end up with the same punishment as the person who actually committed the murder.

Soliciting someone to commit a crime is defined under California Penal Code 653f and solicitation of murder is a California felony offense

That's because of the way the law looks at things.  Number one, when people get together and plan horrible crimes like murder, it makes them much more effective and much more dangerous.

Number two, the person who conceives the idea of murdering somebody, plans it out and actually gets somebody to commit the murder is just as bad from the government's standpoint, as the person who commits the murder themselves.  Sometimes there's even an argument that they're worse.

Retain a Criminal Lawyer Immediately

That's a perspective that you're dealing with.  So, if you or a loved one is charged or being investigation for solicitation of murder you should get an attorney right away, especially in Los Angeles.

They have special units in the LAPD, the Sheriffs and sometimes they get the feds involved to investigate these crimes to try to figure the out and prosecute those individuals who are involved with the planning and commission of a murder in Los Angeles county.

Solicitation of murder can take different forms.  I've seen it come up in a gang setting where the head of a gang is telling people to commit murder against other people.  Sometimes a specific person is targeted.

Other times, it's just a general order, and if it's enough information and a murder actually occurs, I've seen the person being charged either with the murder or solicitation of murder.  Again, depending on the scenario that we're talking about and the evidence.

Substantial Step Towards Planning a Murder

Another area I see is somebody gets angry with another person.  Maybe it's their spouse and they're in the midst of a divorce.  Maybe it's somebody who wronged them.  Maybe it's someone who stole money from them.

Solicitation of Murder in California

Whatever the case may be, if you're involved with soliciting another person or asking another person or agreeing with another person to murder another individual, the actual murder itself cannot take place — nobody gets killed, nobody gets harmed.

They don't even try to murder the person.  If there's enough of a substantial step towards planning a murder and you're a part of soliciting that murder — even if the murder doesn't take place — you can be charged with solicitation of murder.

I've seen these cases a lot in Los Angeles county and they're obviously very serious cases — very serious situations, and if you or a loved one is charged with solicitation of murder in Los Angeles, pick up the phone.  Make the call.  I've been doing this for 26 years.  I stand at the ready to help you.

Defenses for Solicitation of Murder Charges

Sometimes you may have a defense to solicitation of murder especially if you're not the actual person that commits the murder.  Maybe someone is trying to frame you or blame it on you because they themselves committed the murder or were more involved with committing the murder so they're going to blame it on you to try to get themselves off the hook.

There are all sorts of different defenses that can be employed in a solicitation of murder case.  You have to make sure you do the right one and the best person to guide you though that is somebody who's been doing it a long time.  I have a lot of experience.

I worked for the District Attorney's office, so I've seen how they investigate these cases.  I've worked for a Superior Court judge so I've seen how the judges look at these cases and deal with them, and finally, I've been a criminal defense attorney since 1994 defending people who are charged with exactly what you or your loved one is.

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