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If there is any message I could give a parent or loved one trying to find an attorney to help their child, who is facing juvenile charges, I would say find an attorney that has experience handling juvenile cases that has a philosophy of helping kids get back on the right path. Over the many years I have practiced juvenile law, I have decided that I am not only going to help a minor in trouble clean their future record and stay out of custody, I am going to try and figure out how I can assist them in getting on the right track and get them back on the course to leading a fulfilling and successful life. If you share my philosophy and need my help…then call me today and set up a free face to face consultation.

Looking for an attorney to represent you or your child at Sylmar Juvenile Court? At the Hedding Law Firm, we exclusively practice in the area of criminal defense law and are very familiar with the California juvenile court system. We have been successfully defending minors accused of Juvenile crimes for a combined total of 50 years. An experienced Sylmar juvenile criminal defense lawyer at our firm will understand what tactics to use in order to provide your child with a very strong defense. In many instances, instead of having your child incarcerated, we may be able to obtain alternative sentencing in order to offer a chance at rehabilitation instead of punishment.

We have an excellent reputation with law enforcement, prosecutors and judges throughout California. It is our goal to keep your child’s rights and freedom well protected. A defense lawyer at our firm can aggressively challenge, and if needed negotiate with the prosecution regarding the charges against your child. Contact us today for a free face to face consultation of your son or daughter’s criminal case. .

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