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Lancaster – Antelope Valley Courthouse


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What Should You Do If You Have A Criminal Case In The Lancaster/Antelope Valley Court System?

The Lancaster courthouse sits on the outskirts of Los Angeles County and is staffed by the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office. The DA's office is tasked with dispensing justice in Lancaster.

Over the course of the past 25 years of practicing criminal defense in and around the Lancaster / Antelope Valley area, I have noticed that most of DA's live close to the courthouse. Hence, the Lancaster Courthouse is known as one of the toughest in LA county. In other words, the powers that be protect where they live!

The prosecutors and judges that staff this courthouse are not messing around and seem to be dead set on keeping their community crime free.  If you were lucky enough to have dealt with the Lancaster Sheriff's Department and its' deputies, you know exactly what I am talking about.

They are harsh when it comes to criminal activity and typically do not treat the people they come in contact with in a professional manner. Learn the step by step process in a Lancaster criminal case and the history of the Lancaster Courthouse.

Lawyer with Experience in Lancaster, CA

In order to combat this brand of outlaw justice, you need to hire a savvy criminal defense attorney that is just as tough and is battle tested in this jurisdiction! The law and the rules surrounding it are the same everywhere.

Those courts that try and twist it or bend it in such a way that it is not fair to the general public must be put in check. I consider it my chief job in Lancaster to make sure that my client is treated in a fair manner.

This is accomplished by coming to the courthouse prepared and ready to fight and utilize every advantage available to my client and their cause. This means I have to know the rules and how to assert them in such a way that they are followed and I am in the best position to achieve a successful result for my client. You better believe I am always ready to fight for my client's rights.

If you need a criminal defense lawyer in Lancaster, call me and we will begin the process of defending you and designing a plan that makes common sense for your situation. Learn how long it takes to resolve a criminal case and whether you should fight or negotiate in the Lancaster Courthouse.

What To Do When Meeting Your Attorney Regarding Your Case

When I sit down to meet with my clients for the first time, I ask them to be honest with me and tell me what they are accused of doing from the other sides' perspective with no spin on the facts!

Unfortunately, if I do not say this, I end up with a story that is one-sided to the client. The problem with this is that when I go to court, I see an entirely different story that puts me in the difficult position of reinventing the wheel.

Meaning, now I have to figure out what really happened. I always tell my clients, “I am here to help you no matter what. Lets you and I come to a meeting of the minds and figure out what our strategy will be to help you achieve your goal of winning your case.” Winning depends on many different factors.

For some, it will be staying out of jail. While others will be concerned about their criminal record. No matter what your concern, once we agree on the plan, it is simply a matter of executing that plan to your satisfaction. Call now to set up a free face to face meeting and begin the process of getting out of the criminal system.