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What Should You Know If You Have A Criminal Case Pending In The East Los Angeles Courthouse?

In 1992, I worked for the District Attorney’s Office’s East Los Angeles Branch. It gave me a peek behind the scenes of a courthouse that handles hundreds of criminal cases each year. I saw how the prosecutors prepare to handle their cases and some of what goes into deciding what to offer on cases and how to deal with the defense attorneys. Further, I met many of the judges that were in the courthouse at the time and got a feel for how they handle their cases as well. One crucial thing that I took away from that experience and have used over the past 20 plus years of practicing criminal defense is that the Da’s office is very reasonable in this courthouse and can definitely be reasoned with and will consider a defense attorney’s point of view, as long as it is presented in a professional manner and makes sense under the circumstances.

If you have a case pending in the East Los Angeles Courthouse I encourage you to come and sit down with me and discuss what happened in detail. I will give you my opinion on how you should proceed with the case based on my experience working for the District Attorney’s Office, my incite from being the right hand person for a powerful Superior Court Judge in the Burbank Courthouse and the over twenty years I have spend defending thousands of people that sit in the exact same position you do now.

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