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Is Long Beach A Conservative Courthouse As Compared To Other Courts In Los Angeles County?

Believe it or not, this is an important question as it relates to how your case will be dealt with in the Long Beach criminal court system. The more conservative a courthouse is, the more likely they will be harsh on crime and the defendants who pass through its doors. Long Beach is conservative and tough on crime for a number of reasons. First, there is a lot of gang activity in the LBC and in order to combat that crime element, the courthouse has no choice but to hand down harsh sentences to send a message. On the other hand, non-gang related offenses are dealt with in a much more equitable manner in my experience. Because the courthouse handles so many matters, they realize that they simply can not take a harsh position on every case, or they will be forced to do too many trials and the courtrooms will not be able to handle it.

Other types of cases that the prosecutors are particularly harsh on in my experience it weapons charges, sex crimes and crimes involving violence. These type of crimes are prosecuted harshly through Los Angeles County, so Long Beach Superior Court would certainly not be any different. Your best strategy if you have one of these type of criminal cases or any criminal case for that matter is to find an attorney that is seasoned and has experience in Long Beach.

Why Should You Hire Your Own Private Attorney To Handle Your Criminal Matter In The Long Beach Criminal Court?

If you hire your own attorney, then you can give them all of the facts that are important related to your case. Many times the Public Defender’s Office and its deputies simply do not have the time or man power to properly prepare a criminal case. If you want someone to fight for you, it is my opinion that you are going to have to hire a champion of your choice and arm them with the necessary information to properly litigate your case. In this process, you should sit down face to face with your attorney and let them know what type of outcome you need from your case and your attorney. If you are not sure about what you should be shooting for, then it is your attorney’s job to help you figure it out. I consider it my number one job to sit down with my clients and get down to the “nitty gritty” of what their case is worth and what our target is going to be. Once we agree on a vision, then we will set a plan in motion to get it! Contact our law firm today!

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