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At the Hedding Law Firm, we have earned a reputation for providing hard-hitting, aggressive legal representation for our clients who have faced misdemeanor and felony offenses in Southern California, including the city of Torrance. As knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers, we provide only the best legal advice and service to those facing a criminal charge. We believe that each client’s case is important and deserves our immediate attention. When you work with a Torrance criminal defense attorney at our firm, you will experience this hard work and dedication.

Regardless of the severity of the crime you have been accused of, we are here to provide you with excellent defense for your criminal case. At the Hedding Law Firm, we are experienced with both federal and state court cases. We want to achieve the best outcome possible for your case and charges and we are committed to excellence when defending your rights and are dedicated to ensuring positive results for your particular case. If you are being investigated for a crime, it is very important that you hire a criminal lawyeras soon as possible, in order to effectively protect your rights – even if you have not been formally charged with a crime and are under investigation or are a suspect.

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