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Airport Courthouse

LAX Courthouse Address:

Airport Courthouse 11701 S. La Cienega Los Angeles, CA 90045

What Can You Expect If You Have A Criminal Matter Pending At The Airport / Lax Courthouse In Los Angeles?

The Airport Courthouse was a multi-million dollar project built to handle criminal cases that occur on the “westside” of Los Angeles County. Recently, many of the courthouses in Los Angeles have been closed due to budget concerns (Malibu, Beverly Hills, Hollywood etc.).

This has caused the criminal cases occurring in those court jurisdictions to be sent to the Airport Courthouse. In my experience, the attitude and mentally regarding punishment for criminal defendants of the prosecutors and judges has shifted in the defendant's favor, because of the large volume of cases they must handle due to the court consolidations.

Because there are now so many more cases pending on the court's docket there is a need to resolve these cases so the courthouse is not overrun with too many cases.

In my opinion, it is crucial that a criminal defendant is aware that in order to capitalize on this shift in policy, they must have an attorney that understands the system and how to go after what can be obtained for a client in it!

In other words, it is easy for the prosecutors to demand jail time in a case but if the attorney for the person in trouble pushes back in the appropriate way, in my experience, they can obtain results that were nearly impossible prior to the courts consolidating more criminal cases into this courthouse. So the short answer to the question above is that you can expect to be treated fairly in this courthouse and if you have the right attorney you will likely end up with a just outcome in your case.

Choosing The Right Attorney To Represent You In The Airport Courthouse

In order to find the right attorney to represent you, your best strategy is to find a criminal defense attorney that has experience dealing with cases in this courthouse. Each courthouse in Los Angeles County, has its own personality, depending on the judges and prosecutors that oversee the allocation of justice within its walls.

Of course, without a seasoned attorney in your corner, who knows what a case is worth in a particular courthouse, you will not achieve the best result. If you have any further questions on the choice of the right attorney please pick up the phone and call me and I will assist you in becoming clear on your best choice.

I encourage you to set a face to face meeting with me to begin the process of resolving your criminal matter.

Fortunately, because of the consolidation of the courthouses in Los Angeles County, the Airport Court has become very busy and therefore the prosecutors and judges have become more reasonable as far as resolving criminal cases.

With such a huge volume of cases going through its' doors (this is from the merger of Beverly Hills, Malibu and other court closures), the Lax court system can not handle the volume unless most of the cases are resolved in a speedy and fair manner.

If the prosecutors are not reasonable, then many cases will be pushed to trial and this effect could literally break the back of the court and cause an insurmountable backlog. Thus, a savvy criminal defense attorney can use this to his or her clients advantage. Contact us for your free initial consultation today!

Winning a Case at The Airport Court

When you are deciding how to handle a criminal case in the LAX or Airport court, the first thing you should do is to sit down with your attorney and determine what a win would mean to you in the context of your criminal case.  For some, it means that they go to a jury trial and are found not guilty by a jury of the community.

For others, it means staying out of jail and working out a deal that gives them a chance to clean up their record in the future.  And, for those individuals charged with the most serious of crimes, it means avoiding a lengthy sentence at the hands of a vicious judge.

No matter what your win means, defining it from the beginning of your case is crucial for you to have a realistic chance of being successful in the end.

Your attorney will obviously play a big part in how your case is defended.  In many of the cases that are filed in criminal courts across Los Angeles County courthouses and specifically at the Airport Courthouse, the police and prosecutors have done a good job at getting the evidence against you and your best strategy is to let your criminal defense attorney negotiate a favorable resolution for you.

Skilled Courtroom Negotiator

When you sit down to discuss your case with your criminal defense attorney it is key that you let them know what you are willing to accept, what you would like to try and avoid and what you absolutely can not take.

When my clients give me a run down of where they stand, I am able to let them know if the judge and the prosecutor in their particular courtroom in the Airport Court will consider what they are requesting.  And, then we can really get down to the “nitty gritty” of how their case will be resolved and what will constitute a win for them and their specific circumstances.

One of the most important things that I need, as the defense attorney in a negotiate situation, is to know the perimeters of what my client will and will not accept to resolve their case.

This allows me to use some of the strategies that I have learned over the last 25 years of representing criminal defendants and to figure out how we can get the result that the client must have without having to sacrifice something they can not live with.

Going in with a game plan and a winning attitude is half the battle.  The rest of it has to do with skill, connections and experience.