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Has The New Los Angeles DA Done Anything with Bail?

Posted by Ronald D. Hedding, ESQ. | Jan 23, 2021

Has The New Los Angeles District Attorney Made Any Changes with Bail? What Has He Enacted?

The new DA's position on bail is interesting. For the most part, he has instructed the deputies to argue to the judge that the bail should be zero, which would wipe out bail bondsmen.

They wouldn't be able to operate anymore if all of the bonds go to zero. However, he's implemented this change in the middle of the pandemic where the bails are already at zero.  There are some exceptions to his bail rule and the pandemic bail rule, which applies to serious cases, such as:

Those are not part of the zero bail argument. Again, he's going to need the cooperation of his deputies. His deputies can tell the judge that they've filed the charge with the understanding that the statutory bail is a certain amount, but that they're boss is making them argue that it should be zero.

In turn, the judge could say that they don't care what their boss says, and ultimately set the bail to statutory bail.

As such, the DA will need his deputy district attorneys throughout Los Angeles County to be onboard with his polices and enforce them in an effective manner, regardless of whether they buy into them.

Some Prosecutors are Blocking New Policy

Has The New Los Angeles DA Done Anything with Bail?
The new Los Angeles DA has told his prosecutors to ask judge for zero bail.

I've had a number of cases where the prosecutor was proceeding to the judge in an ineffective way to get the policy implemented, and they block the policy.

In fact, I've seen some prosecutors actually cite the judge, the authority to block the policy. Of course, if the DA knew that they were doing that, they'd probably be fired, or at least reprimanded because they're not implementing his policy. Instead, they're taking moves against it.

Right now, it's not clear where everything is going to land. However, if you have a criminal case in Los Angeles County, you need someone like me who's been doing this for 27 years, now more than ever.

You need someone who's worked for the district attorney's office and knows their politics. Who's also worked for a superior court judge as his right-hand man.

I know how judges deal with the various issues that come before them, like this no bail issue policy and the other new policies that the district attorney has implemented.

My name is Ron Hedding, pick up the phone. Make the call now. Take the first step towards protecting your rights. Do everything you can to get out of the criminal justice system as fast as possible.

When He Officially Takes Office, Do You Expect More Changes To Come?

This is an interesting time. This is the first time in almost 30 years that I've seen drastic changes happen. I worked for the district attorney's office in 1992 when Gil Garcetti beat Ira Reiner. I saw the sweeping changes that took place.

Namely, they knocked out all of the power brokers in the DA's office that were placed with Garcetti's people. Now, this new DA has implemented his policies from the start. He's been able to see what the result of that implementation has been.

He's been able to see how his deputies and judges have responded. Subsequently, I think there are going to be big changes. In order to effectively implement these policies, he will need to put people in charge of the various courthouses who are on-board with his policies.

If successful at putting people in charge who agree with his policies, they can tell the deputies to fall in line. If they don't fall in line, they could be written up for insubordination or be terminated.

Based on the reaction that I've seen in court since his new policies have come into effect, a lot of prosecutors are going to quit. I've already seen a lot of prosecutors disregard the policies that have been implemented.

Criminal Defense Attorney for California Crimes

I've had to remind some of the prosecutors about the policy, even the one power that the defense has; the defense can take it up to chain. A district attorney's office is like a big corporation.

Criminal Defense Attorney for California Crimes
Call us to learn how we can defend you.

If the prosecutor is not implementing the policy, and there have been three directives, I can challenge the prosecutors. I can go to their supervisor to deal with it, or they can go up the chain to the next level of authority.

That's the weapon that defense attorneys have when trying to get the benefits from this new policy.

In my opinion, he's going to try to implement these policies. He may even go further, depending on who he's talking to in his own office, and from the defense bar.

The pendulum has switched to the people, to the defense.

As a result, we have to take advantage of this and help these people who are being charged with crimes, who have families, lives, jobs, and futures. They need to be protected.

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