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Why Do Criminal Defense Attorneys Not Charge the Same Price?

Posted by Ronald D. Hedding, ESQ. | Feb 11, 2022

This is a good question, especially for someone looking for an attorney.  I hear many potential clients and people who become clients ask how different lawyers are charging different prices.  The answer to that question is not just one particular answer.

First off, you've got to look at the skill level of an attorney.  If an attorney has been practicing for one to five years and that attorney quotes you a fee, and then you get a price quote from someone who's been practicing for 25 – 30 years, those quotes will likely be different.  The attorney who has been around longer will likely charge more money.

I'll tell you right now; the attorney who has been around longer will likely get you the better resolution in your case just because that person has stood the test of time and is still practicing after 25 to 30 years. They've got to know some things.  They've got to know some people, and they've got to know how to deal with criminal cases in a vast criminal justice system like Los Angeles County.

Another thing is some of the law firms in Los Angeles county have a different strategy than other law firms. For example, some firms have one figurehead who doesn't have anything to do with the criminal cases but uses their name to bring in business.

Then the cases are doled out to lesser attorneys who don't have the same credentials as the person who is advertising, and those firms are probably going to be able to charge a meager price because they're using cheap labor to do their cases.  What type of results do you think those firms get?

So be very wary of somebody when you say, is this lawyer that I see on the internet or however you get the lead to the case going to be the one specifically working on my case?  And then the firm says, no.  You've walked into a trap.  You're going to end up with some inexperienced attorney who doesn't have a stake in your case, and you're not going to end up with the best result.

Defending Domestic Violence Charges in Los Angeles

Domestic violence charges are the most common criminal charges our clients face at our law firm. Usually, the accuser and the alleged attacker are dating, live together, or married. Domestic violence scenarios often start during a bad breakup, an argument over infidelity, or even a verbal argument that escalates out of control.

Many different parties can initiate a police response. Usually, the alleged victim will call 911, though we had cases where the individual eventually accused of committing domestic violence called the police. In other cases, a third party such as a neighbor who hears a loud argument becomes concerned enough to call the police.

Domestic violence accusations typically involve two intimate partners in a closed-door setting, which becomes a classic he-said/she-said scenario. This means police and prosecuting agencies look to objective evidence to support claims made by an alleged victim.

If there are claims by the victim they were struck, there should be some visible evidence on their body.  When accusations can't be corroborated by objective, independent evidence, then an experienced criminal lawyer has an opportunity for successful prefiling intervention.

Most defendants arrested on suspicion of domestic violence are charged California Penal Code Section 243(e) PC domestic battery. Another common charge is Penal Code 273.5 PC corporal injury to a spouse. In many cases, circumstances exist where the Los Angeles County prosecutor might be willing to reduce the charges to a lesser offense during a plea negotiation.

When defendants plea for a reduced charge, it can help them avoid the many negative consequences of a domestic violence conviction. Again, an experienced lawyer is crucial to a positive outcome, and why not all lawyers will charge the same price.

How Busy is the Criminal Lawyer?

Another reason some lawyers charge more than others is that some are much busier, have many more cases and can only take so many cases, and are going to be trusting big money to handle a particular topic just because their time is more valuable than some of the other lawyers that are practicing.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Los Angeles

You have some lawyers out there who don't have any experience and don't know what they're doing.  They're simply not good lawyers.  They're desperate, so they'll charge whatever they can to get the case. That's not the lawyer that you want on your particular case.  You want somebody who knows what they're doing, will fight for you, has the experience and the successful track record.

So, there are all sorts of reasons that lawyers charge what they do.  You're going to have to sit down with that lawyer, flush him out, make sure they're somebody who will be able to help you, first and foremost, and then secondarily, someone who is in your price range.

I've been doing this now for 30 years.  I think my prices are fair.  I consider myself one of the top criminal lawyers in Los Angeles.  I've been practicing for nearly 30 years, I've worked for the DA's office, I've worked for a Superior Court Judge, and I've been defending people just like you now since 1994.

So, I have the experience, the know-how, connections with local prosecutors and judges, and the ability to maneuver a criminal case successfully through a sometimes very successful field. The most crucial part is that I get to know my clients.  I find out what they've got to have realistically in their case, and I will fight to get it and use all of my tools, skills, and talents to get you the best result.

Pick up the phone now.  Ask for a meeting with Ron Hedding.  I stand at the ready to help you. The Hedding Law Firm is based in Los Angeles County, and we offer a free case consultation.

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