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What’s Being Done to Block New Policies of District Attorney?

Posted by Ronald D. Hedding, ESQ. | Feb 09, 2021

What is Being Done to Stop the New Los Angeles County District Attorney's Policies that Help the Defense?

There's a number of actions underway to try to undermine and prevent the new head DA's policies from taking hold.

Number one, there's been an injunction filed in civil court, which at the end of this month, there's a hearing.  Papers have been filed.

The District Attorney's Union in Los Angeles, supported by a number of prosecutors, is trying to stop the policies from going into effect, from being utilized.

Also, a number of other forces have joined, so at the end of the month, we should get some kind of an idea how the court feels about the moving papers.  The court may also want to have a hearing, so that may prolong things.

Judges Are Not Enforcing New Policies

What's Being Done to Block New Policies of Los Angeles District Attorney?
Judges are not enforcing many new policies of the District Attorney.

In the meantime, the policies are in full swing, but there are other forces trying to block the policies.  For example, judges:

  • when prosecutors are making motions to strike strikes;
  • to strike special allegations;
  • judges are denying those motions and not permitting it.

For example, let's say someone is a two-striker and the prosecutors ask to strike both strikes which would put the person in a much better position, judges are saying denied.  That's not in the interest of justice.

You haven't showed me why I should strike the strikes.

I'm not just going to strike them because of some District Attorney policy.

Prosecutors are Not Cooperating

Of course, the next entity that's trying to block things are the prosecutors throughout LA county.  There are 1,200 of them and most of them don't like what's going on, so:

  • they are not being cooperative;
  • they're making faces as they're reading the directive;
  • they're stalling cases, which I think is the biggest offense, in that they basically are not making offers on cases;
  • they're saying we are waiting for certain things;
  • they're making up excuses.

They're trying to stall in order to see if the new head DA's policies will be taken down. Whether this injunction will be passed or whether something else is going to happen.  So, there's a lot of forces against the policies.

On the flip side, a lot of cases are also being resolved.  I've had success with many cases now where my clients were looking at double digit numbers, and now I've been able to get single digit numbers, sometimes even probation or I've even been able to get people out.

Criminal Attorney in Los Angeles

So, there are some great things going on in the defense world, but like any time, when change occurs, people do not like it and they're trying to stop it.

Criminal Attorney in Los Angeles
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So, it's up to the defense to fight back and do everything we can to make sure these policies go into effect and represent our clients in powerful manner.

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