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If you are being charged with assault on a police officer, you immediately need the services of not only an experienced but also aggressive defense attorney.

Our law firm has dealt with assault cases including assault on a police officer. We have seen great results and have had satisfied clients.

Our lawyers will explain all the details of your charge to you, including the law, the possible penalties, and the defenses we may assert on your behalf.

Assault generally is defined as an attempted battery. To be charged with assault on a police officer, the assault must have occurred while the officer was performing his or her duty of promoting public peace.

To convict you of assault on a police officer, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that first you knew the person was a police officer within the scope of his or her duties. The prosecution must also prove that you intentionally tried to apply physical force on the police officer.

Often times, assault on a police officer may be charged as aggravated assault and may have harsher penalties than simple assault.

As your criminal attorney we want to prevent a conviction. We want to intervene and do everything we can to get the best results. We are very aware that often times police officers use and abuse their authority and try to pin assault on a police officer on a person if things do not go their way.

We will investigate and do our research to point out and see what exactly occurred that led to your arrest. We guarantee our competence, our persistence, and our dedication.

Contact a Los Angeles assault on police officer lawyer to learn how we can defend you in court.

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