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Illegal Activities At The LAX Airport

Over the past twenty-five years, I've handled a lot of cases that have originated out of the LAX Airport. Whether people are bringing drugs on the plane; whether they are bringing weapons such as guns, Tasers, knives or other illegal weapons, it all comes down to what type of a risk and what type of a danger you pose to the LAX Airport and the passengers and the crew.

The most sinister things that the authorities at the LAX Airport are looking out for are obviously, terrorist acts or other people trying to commit other violent felonies on airplanes throughout the country, not just at LAX Airport.

Real Case Example at LAX Airport

So, that's what you're going to be compared against as far as the policy goes for what they're going to do to somebody who violates one of these laws at the LAX Airport. I had a client recently who fell asleep while he was waiting for his flight and when he woke up the gates were closed and the flight was about to take off.

Illegal Activities At The LAX Airport

In a panic, he woke up and started running towards the gate. He was ultimately tackled and charged with a crime related to trying to get on the airplane when the gate was closed and not cooperating with the Airport Authority.

At LAX Airport they've got a lot of power because of all of the security concerns. We were able to get what's called a City Attorney hearing for that case, and after the hearing officer heard all the evidence and heard his version of events and why he did what he did and we submitted some things beforehand, we were able to get them not to file that case which is great.

That's even better than a dismissal. They didn't file it. And they won't file it unless he were to do something else criminal during a year period that they basically keep an eye on him.

So, that was a great result. But it was because he really wasn't trying to do anything sinister. He was trying to catch the flight. Because he had just woke up, he made some bad decisions as far as his activities.

Evaluating Your Case For Best Outcome

So, if you or a loved one has a case at the LAX Airport Court. Give me a call. Let me see what happens a lot and sometimes I understand it and sometimes I don't, is people bringing guns on the plane. I guess sometimes, people just simply forget that they have their guns with them.

Again, that's going to be evaluated against a standard of common sense and just what makes sense under the circumstances. So, obviously, your story and what you have to say about it has got to be gotten across to the prosecution and the judge, otherwise they're going to think you were taking the gun on the plane to do something illegal on the plane, and that's some of the most important things that the prosecutors and judges have to look out for, which is protecting the public and making sure that when people travel on an airplane they're safe. So, that's another area that I see occurring all the time.

Defense Lawyer for Federal Drug Charges, Warrants, or Extradition

Also, drugs moving through the airport. If somebody tries to bring a lot of drugs on a plane, you're probably going to be prosecuted federally for that just because it's either international travel or state to state travel, a lot of times the feds will get involved with that.

They'll be called into the airport to talk to you and try to get you to make some sort of an incriminating statement and then you'll be prosecuted in federal court. Again, depending on how much weight of drugs that you had and what type of sophistication level they perceive.

Another big area that I see people going into court for is they're trying to go in and out of the airport and they've got a warrant out for their arrest in another state. Then the authorities at the LAX Airport will arrest them. They'll bring them to the downtown court, 210 West Temple into Department 30 and they will start what's called extradition proceedings to try to get them moved to the state where they've got a warrant.

There will be an identity hearing to make sure that they've got the right person, and then obviously that state is going to have to want to take them for whatever warrant they have.

I get involved in this in some instances and try to assist in dealing with the case from our end here in Los Angeles, and a lot of times, if it's a federal case I can do it, otherwise we'll help get an attorney in the state where the warrant is pending and help coordinate things so we can end up with the best result for the client.

So, if you have a case in the LAX Airport, give me a call. Let me know what happened and we'll see what we can do to help you resolve the matter in the best fashion possible.

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