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Hiring Your Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Over the Phone

Posted by Ronald D. Hedding, ESQ. | Mar 19, 2020

This has been a question for years whether it's a good idea to hire a criminal defense attorney over the phone.  In today's society with the internet being used more and more.

Now as I write this post there being Coronavirus, it's starting to make more and more sense and some people might want to hire a criminal defense attorney over the phone, so I thought I would give some information about it.

Coronavirus Quarantine

First, if you're either suffering from the Coronavirus or you or a family members is or you're quarantined or concerned about it, I'm sorry,  I'm here for you, and obviously if you have a criminal case I can definitely help you.

Right now the courts, more and more, are cognizant of the health concerns going on, not just in Los Angeles, not just in California, not just in the United States, but around the world and they are making concessions for those individuals who are affected by the Coronavirus or who find themselves out of state or even international, out of country, having to make a court appearance in Los Angeles, California.

I've been doing this now for 26 years and it's gotten more and more easy to talk to an attorney over the phone, by Face-time or by some other means to be able to get a good feel for that attorney and to make a decision as to whether or not you want to hire them.

Clients Reviews and Videos are Available Online

The fact that I've been hired hundreds of times now over the phone by the use of the internet — obviously people can see my reviews.  They're online.  I think last count I had close to 400 reviews online. I also have lawyer endorsements.

The one big advantage I have which I think a lot of other attorneys don't have is, I have hundreds of videos online.  So not only can you see me and see the type of person I am and kind of get a feel for me, a lot of these videos are geared towards talking about the topic you might be concerned about.

I try to touch on the main issues related to particular topics, whether it be a crime, a courthouse or just criminal defense in general.  So the answer as far as hiring a lawyer over the internet is, absolutely, you can hire a lawyer over the internet.  There's nothing wrong with it.

Do Your Homework Before Hiring a Lawyer

You just have to do your homework on it.  Obviously, you want to get somebody who is experienced.  Not just experienced in criminal defense but experienced in the courthouse where your case is pending.  That's crucial.

Hiring Your Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Over the Phone

You obviously don't want some rookie who has never been in the courthouse where your case is pending and you don't want some rookie who hasn't done the type of case that you find yourself facing.

There's a lot of people who can get on the internet and can get a position on the internet but not be good attorneys.  So, you have to be cognizant of that.  In other words, who's the exact attorney that you're seeing on the internet?

Are you talking to that attorney over the phone or meeting with them via Face-time and does that attorney actually practice in the case that you are going to hire them for?

There's a lot of these attorneys that put their credentials on the internet and put a bunch stuff about themselves on the internet and then it turns out that attorney doesn't even practice criminal defense.  They're using other attorney to do their work.

So obviously, you don't want to be in a position where you hire somebody you think is your attorney and it ends up you get some rookie attorney who has only been around for a year or so. Or you hire an attorney and it turns out that attorney just had a lot of marketing dollars to be able to put themselves at the top of google or wherever you find the attorney, but in reality they don't have a lot of experience.

So, just because somebody might be at the top of Google doesn't necessarily mean that that person has experience and that person can get you a good result and that person can fight for you.  That's what you're looking for.

Reviewing Your Criminal Case Over the Phone

So, if you're looking to hire somebody over the internet — over the phone — I'm certainly available to talk to you.  A lot of times, either when you call my office I'll be available to talk or if I'm not on the road in court I'm able to get a hold of you and we can talk about your case directly.  I can answer all your questions.

I do encourage you to get a lot of questions together, because I know a lot of times when you're trying to hire somebody over the internet, you feel a little bit anxious because you don't get to meet the person and kind of get a feel for them face to face.

That's what I always encourage people to do over the years is to talk to somebody face to face so you can get a feel for them because that's going to be your advocate in the criminal court.

But if you've decided that you're okay with hiring your attorney over the internet, just make sure you get to talk to that particular attorney who is going to be representing you, either by email, over the phone, via Face-time, however you're going to do it.

I just had somebody that retained me.  He's in Scotland and he's unable to use the phone.  He doesn't have access to a phone and he had to get to court within a few days, so him and I were able to converse over the internet.

He was able to look through my 400 reviews.  I was able to point him to some videos.  I also have some books on a lot of topics that are on Amazon that you can purchase for a very nominal and reasonable fee.

I'm available a lot of different ways to people and I'm really trying to work hard to make sure that my message can get across to you over the phone, on the internet, via books and via videos.  That's really what I'm shooting for here — to help people out with criminal defense.

Negotiation with Prosecutor

So, absolutely you can hire your attorney over the internet.  You don't necessarily have to meet with them.  I certainly encourage you if you're available to meet with them.  I'm always available to meet with people.  A lot of times people will hire me, I'll get all of the paperwork on their case.

I'll speak to the prosecutor and then we'll sit down face to face.  So, whatever brings you to this part of my website — whether you're concerned about meeting somebody face to face because of the virus, no problem.  Maybe you just don't have time.

Maybe you're out of state.  Maybe you're out of the country and need to get an attorney.  Maybe you're a family member of someone out of state and you're trying to hire someone for your son or your daughter or your loved on.  It's not a problem.

I'm here for you.  I'm available to talk to you.  All you have to do is pick the phone up, ask to speak to Ron Hedding.  I will get on the phone as quick as I possibly can and see what we can do to help you.

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