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Crimes Charged At The LAX Airport

Posted by Ronald D. Hedding, ESQ. | Aug 17, 2018

In doing criminal defense for twenty-five years, I've seen many crimes charged at the Airport and the reason why is that security is so tight at LAX that they're constantly grabbing people's ID and running their criminal record.

So, if they have a crime in another state or even internationally, they will grab them, hold them there and call the police in and detain them for whatever crime they have, and then the Los Angeles Department 30 at CCB will send them in there and then the person is looking at being extradited either internationally or to whatever state they have a crime in. Department 30 Downtown Criminal Court 210, West Temple, deal with all the extradition stuff related to LAX Airport cases that involve people out-of-state.

I've handled a lot of people with gambling debts out of Nevada. I've handled cases from every single state related to all the crimes you can think of and they will extradite them as long as the crime is serious enough and they have an identity hearing and that's the person.

So, if you've been arrested or a loved one has been arrested at the LAX Airport related to some sort of an offense – maybe someone's trying to get a gun on a plane or maybe they forgot they had a gun in their luggage. Maybe they have drugs and they're trying to enter the plane.

Maybe they have a warrant out of Los Angeles County or another county and they're trying to go through the airport. Whatever the case may be – if you need help with a case out of LAX Airport – give me a call. I handle cases there all the time.

Where Will The Case Be Filed If You Are Arrested At The LAX Airport?

As you might guess, the case is going to be filed at the Airport Court or the LAX Court. That's a multi-million-dollar project that was built about a decade ago – an all-glass building sitting about three to four miles away from the airport. They handle all the cases on the west side – Beverly Hills, Malibu and anything that happens at the LAX Airport.

So, if you have a case out of there and you need help, give me a call. We'll sit down and go over all the facts and details related to your case and we'll see what we can do to help you. We'll see why you're being charged – whether they have good evidence against you or not – and exactly what sort of a defense strategy makes sense related to the charges in your LAX case.

When it comes to a case at the Airport, another thing I see a lot is I have people trying to move drugs through the Airport – whether they be in a surfboard, in their luggage or some other way. Some people are trying to carry the drugs on – that's another big thing that happens at LAX Airport.

I've handled many of these cases successfully. Sometimes there is an illegal stop. Sometimes there's an illegal arrest. Other times what we're doing is we're trying to get the best result for the person. We're trying to do damage control because the authorities actually have good evidence against them, but the person has no criminal record and doesn't deserve to be sent to prison for a long time.

So, whatever your situation is at the Los Angeles International Airport., give me a call. I've seen it before in doing this for twenty-five years. I know how to handle these cases and I know what it takes to get you the best possible result if you've been arrested in the LAX Airport.

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