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Real Truth About Hit And Run Cases In Los Angeles

The real truth about hit and run cases is that a lot of times people believe that the police are going to be able to track them and catch them, and they're looking over their shoulders, when in reality a lot of times, the police don't have the information they need to actually catch and track somebody and go and get them. California Vehicle Code 20002 describes misdemeanor hit and run.

Maybe there were no witnesses to the hit and run accident. Maybe somebody passed away and that was the only witness. So, unless they have a witness, a license plate or something that leads them to the person that struck the individual – whether they be on a bicycle or another vehicle that moving on the road, or a parked car or some other property – they're not going to be able to catch that person.

Hit And Run Cases

Consult with a Criminal Lawyer Immediately

Now, if you know that you have a warrant out for your arrest related to a hit and run, the truth is that you should take care of it as soon as possible. Just letting it linger in the system just doesn't make any sense.

Number one, it affects your ability to live a relaxed and calm life because in the back of your mind, you have to know the potential of the police coming to your home or where your family is or where your neighbors are and grab you and embarrass you and handcuff you.

It could be a dangerous situation where they come with weapons drawn because of the warrant. They could come to your work and you lose your job and you're embarrassed in front of your co-workers.

The bottom line is, the real truth is the best move is to just take care of the hit and run case. A lot of time, if you hire a good attorney, they can tell you the strategy on how to do it.

What I do, I have you come into the office. We talk about the whole hit and run situation and then I answer all your questions about it. I think a lot of time, once people get their questions answered and they have a good feel for what they are up against, what they're potentially facing and what they can do to help themselves, a lot of times their fears are alleviated. They say, I can handle this. What was I waiting for?

So, the truth is a lot of times it's not so difficult to deal with a hit and run case. Many times, we can keep you out of jail. There are ways to protect your record. So, your best move when you have one of these hit and run cases is to get to an attorney as fast as possible, because this is going to help you start to take control of the case – strategize the case – and put you in the best possible position to get rid of the case.

Custody Time for Those Arrested with Warrant

Another problem when you wait a long time is when they catch you years later if they arrest you, in addition to being embarrassing and going through the agony of being in custody for a while, when the Judge sees you, the Judge is going to say, you know what, this person was never going to turn themselves in. It was only that we caught him.

So, a lot of times they'll make you post a bail. They'll want you to do some jail time to settle the case. So, you're in a much better position by turning yourself in than you are if they have to catch you and drag you in. It will probably be more difficult as far as trying to resolve the case.

So, the truth is, if you have a hit and run case in Los Angeles, give us a call and we'll go over everything and then we're going to put the pieces in place to get this thing behind you, get the warrant out of the system and get your case resolved so you can move on with your life and this will be one less thing you have to worry about.

And again, you're going to be surprised at how easy and smooth it is to take care of a hit and run case when you have a professional advocate of your side, you've got a game plan in place and you're ready to execute the game plan.

A lot of times we can set things up where you can end up with a clean record in the end after you do certain things and you remain trouble-free for certain period of time, and you make the victim whole if somebody lost some money based on the hit and run accident. Pick up the phone. Make the call.

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