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Illegal Dumping In Los Angeles – Health & Safety Code Section 374.3

It's illegal to dump anything on any public land or any private land that is not your land. Illegal dumping is a crime that is prosecuted if the authorities can prove that you or someone you know dumped something on public land or even the land of another person.

Usually, this is proved by eyewitness accounts and circumstantial evidence depending on what happened, and the totality of the circumstances related to the alleged illegal dumping.

When it comes to a violation of Health & Safety Code Section 374.3, you will usually be cited into court. A prosecutor will be put in charge of your illegal dumping case and if the case is not handled properly, you could be facing substantial punishment, including fines and other punishments available to the court.

So, if you have an illegal dumping case in Los Angeles County and you're being prosecuted pursuant to Health & Safety Code Section 374.3, you are going to want to get an attorney who can go in and talk to the prosecutors.

Review Your Case With a Lawyer

If you have a good explanation for what happened and why you're being charged with illegal dumping, obviously you want your attorney to get that explanation across to the prosecutors and judge and try to get you some sort of infraction, so you can avoid a misdemeanor or felony conviction.

When the prosecutors are going to be harsh on these illegal dumping cases is when big dollar items are being illegally dumped. In other words, a lot of stuff that would normally cost thousands of dollars to properly dispose of is being placed on public lands.

That's when the police will get involved. That's when the case is going to be sent to the prosecutors to deal with. They're going to start to put restrictions on you, especially if you own a business and you're illegally dumping.

You get into a whole other issue when you're illegally dumping any type of a substance that is not good for the earth – like radioactive material – gas companies that are illegally dumping certain things. So, it really depends on what is being dumped and how much money you're avoiding paying by being able to illegally dump whatever it is you are.

Also, the clean-up of whatever is being illegally dumped is an important issue, because if the authorities have to take it away and dispose of it and clean it up in any way, you're going to be held responsible for the cost of that illegal dumping.

What I have you do in these illegal dumping cases is, you come into the office and we go over everything. Obviously, it's in the privacy of my office so we can talk freely under the umbrella of the attorney-client privilege.

It helps me best if you can just give me an honest account of what happened without putting any kind of a spin on it, and then once I know what happened, what I know the authorities are going to claim that you did, then we can start to put together a defense strategy that makes sense for you and the surrounding circumstances of your case.

Deciding Strategy for Best Outcome

Really, a crucial thing that I'm trying to do is protect your criminal record so that you don't have a horrible criminal record moving forward that's going to haunt you when you try to get a job and do other things.

So, if you've got an illegal dumping case, give me a call and we'll sit down and talk about it. We'll figure out the best strategy that makes sense for you and your circumstances and we'll obviously do everything we possibly can to avoid you having some sort of a conviction that you cannot get off your record or get dismissed in the future.

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