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Client Testimonials

Jerilyn Recommends Ronald D. Hedding, ESQ.

“My son, a high school senior was involved in a bullying incident at school. He felt threatened and defended himself. He was charged with 2 felonies and was facing up to 8 years in prison. We had a public defender at first that got the charges down to 2 felonies on his record with no jail time and $10,000 in restitution. I knew it was then we had to get an attorney. I live out of state so it was difficult to set up appointments when I came to town. Ron Hedding's Law Firm made this very easy. After hiring Ron to represent my son, I walked out confident that we hired the best. After several hearings, Ron was able to get his case dismissed with no restitution. This whole experience could have been damaging to my son, Ron has given my son a chance at a future without having 2 felonies on his record for the rest of his life. My son walked out of court yesterday ( after his case was dismissed) with his head held high to begin a new chapter of his life.

Word can never be enough for what Ron has done for my son. Thank you!!!”

– Jerilyn