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Client Testimonials

A Satisfied Client Recommends Ronald D. Hedding, ESQ.

“I was so traumatized when I was arrested for domestic violence. For me it was a big choc because I was on self-defense, and I've never been arrested in my all life before that. After I had an extremely very bad experience with one other lawyer, I found Ronald Hedding on the AVVO website. When I met him, he was so compassionate, and he listened all my story as a real human been. Then, all his team, Sally, Carlos and also Martin, his lawyer associate, were working very seriously on my case and were so helpful to calm down my big stress. I saw in court that the prosecutor really trust Mr. Hedding. My case was totally dismissed. Ronald Daniel Hedding saved my life. Thank you so much, I'm such so grateful to have find him.”

– A Satisfied Client