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Smuggling Criminal Cases In Los Angeles

Los Angeles handles a lot of smuggling cases, believe it or not, and usually you'll see those smuggling cases at the borders – either alien smuggling where people are being smuggled in from other countries or goods smuggling – where people are smuggling goods and trying to avoid paying taxes and trying to avoid paying fees related to those goods.

So, smuggling is a big problem in Los Angeles County and law enforcement is all over these types of crimes, either at the border which is mainly where I see a lot of smuggling cases originating out.

There used to be a lot more smuggling at airports, but now that the airports have started cracking down, they're catching all the people who are smuggling things because of all of the sophisticated devices and dogs that they use.

Drug Smuggling in California

Drug smuggling is another issue that is rampant at our borders – whether it be in San Diego or some other border location. So, it's important that if you're charged with with type of drug crime case that the prosecutors actually have the evidence against you because a lot of times these cases are weak and they really don't have the evidence against a person that they've got charged with smuggling.

So, if you're innocent of a smuggling charge in Los Angeles, you're going to want to get a criminal defense attorney to fight for you because there are certain things that the prosecutors are going to need to prove if they want to have a legitimate smuggling case against you.

If they can't prove these things, then there should not be a smuggling charge against you. So, no matter what the allegation is related to smuggling in Los Angeles, you have to have an attorney who's done these types of cases and had success – know what the prosecutors need to prove and knows what types of defenses are available for people who are charged with smuggling in Los Angeles.

Now, if you're actually guilty of the crime of smuggling, and the prosecutors and police have the evidence to prove the case against you, then there's different strategy that can be employed to do damage control and mitigate the things that can happen to you punishment-wise and charge-wise.

Reviewing Defense Strategy for Best Outcome

So, it's crucial that you get in front of a criminal defense attorney. What I have you do is come in. We sit down and go over all of the smuggling allegations. I'm going to show you the police reports. We're going to talk about the facts of the case and what's in the police reports, and then we're going to decide what our best strategy is moving forward.

If it's a drug smuggling case, one of the biggest factors that determines what's going to happen to you, or what your punishment might be, has to do with the amount of drugs that are involved and the type of drugs.

Drugs like heroin are very serious drugs. Drugs like methamphetamine, marijuana. The prosecutors obviously take all types of drug offenses seriously, but there are certain drugs that are so dangerous that the prosecutors will treat them more harshly.

For example, in my experience they're going to treat marijuana smuggling less serious than heroin smuggling, and if you have a gun in conjunction with smuggling something in like drugs, you're going to be looking at an additional enhancement and more punishment because the government considers you much more serious.

So, drug smugglers are also treated more harshly typically than people who are smuggling other things. So, no matter what you're smuggling case is, you must get the right defense and the right strategy.

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