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Representation Of Professionals In Criminal Cases In Los Angeles

I have represented many professionals over the years related to criminal matters, and obviously, as a criminal defense attorney representing somebody like a doctor, lawyer, athlete – someone who has a lot to lose. There's a certain strategy that goes into representing them.

A lot of these people hold professional licenses and if they get a criminal conviction, they will lose that professional license and they will lose that ability to make money and do whatever it is job-wise they do. So, it's crucial that you have the right strategy and it's crucial that we make the right moves in order to avoid some of the collateral damages that can occur related to a criminal conviction or arrest in Los Angeles County. One of our main goals is to save your professional license.

Reviewing Strategy for Best Outcome

That's why when I sit down with my professional clients, we talk about what the game plan is going to be, what we need to guard against, and what are some of the important factors that make a difference to them because sometimes certain things make a difference to certain people. Sometimes people don't want to go to jail.

Other times, people don't care as much about going to jail as they do as not to get a felony conviction on their record. Other times, doctors or lawyers are looking not to get a crime of moral turpitude on their criminal record.

So, it really just depends on the scenario and the particular crime the person is charged with and the strength of the evidence. Sometimes, please just simply do not want to have a criminal conviction on their record.

They don't feel they're guilty, and they feel if they get any type of a criminal record, then that professional is going to be looking at losing their job, losing their livelihood and not being able to do what is necessary in order to provide for their family, advance their career and make money.

These are crucial things that any good criminal defense attorney must key on in the representation of professionals in Los Angeles County – doctors, lawyers, athletes, real estate agents – anybody that holds a professional license – it is key that criminal defense attorneys take into account all of the different angles.

Negotiation with Prosecutor

If you do it the right way as a criminal defense attorney, a lot of time prosecutors will look at the particular case and the particular person and will give them a break and say, you know what, I'm not going to take this doctor out.

I don't think what they did was serious enough so I'm going to lose their medical license. But, you as a criminal defense attorney, have got to show the prosecutors what the problem is – what the administrative agency is saying. We have an administrative attorney involved and the attorney is saying that it's key that we do not get a crime of moral turpitude. It's key that the person not got any jail time.

Whatever your situation – whatever your profession – you must get an attorney who is sensitive to this in Los Angeles County, knows how to fight these cases, knows how the local prosecutors and judges handle cases involving professionals and knows what can be done and what types of steps can be taken to get you a result that keeps you out of jail and puts you in a position to save your professional license in Los Angeles County.

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