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Assault is a serious criminal offense whether it is committed by an adult or a child and can result as a strike on one’s criminal record.

If your child is facing assault charges, begin protecting him or her by contacting our Attorneys at the Hedding Law Firm.

We have handled several juvenile cases including assault and we know the criminal court process for juveniles and are skilled and qualified to successfully handle the cases.

Perhaps your child was at the wrong place at the wrong time; perhaps he or she was falsely accused; perhaps he or she was using self defense. Whatever the case may be, as your child’s advocate we do everything we can to prevent a criminal record making your child’s future our top priority.

The crime of assault has different levels such as simple or aggravated assault, physical or sexual assault, or assault with a deadly weapon or firearm. Each of these assault charges have different consequences one more serious than the other.

Contact a Juvenile Attorney at the Hedding Law firm, set up a free consultation, come sit down with us and see how we can help your child move on with his or her future with a clean record.

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