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Medicare fraud is a felony that the federal government takes very seriously. At Hedding Law Firm our federal criminal defense attorneys will look at all the facets of the case in defending you. The prosecution must prove that there was an actual intent to deceive. This must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Medicare fraud occurs when people or companies purposely bill Medicare for services that were never provided or received. For example, your Medicare number could be used to bill Medicare for services and supplies you did not need, want, order or receive. Medicare fraud typically occurs in nursing homes, hospitals, residential facilities, hospice and other health care providers.

Medicare Fraud lawyerPhysicians or health care entities that are found to have committed Medicare fraud face serious consequences. They will be required to repay the Medicare overpayment which they received and they are likely to face significant financial fines. Further, they may face criminal prosecution by the federal government.

If you are facing federal charges, contact a Los Angeles Medicare fraud attorney at our law firm to discuss the details of your case.

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