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Hydrocodone or Vicodin

Possession or Sales of Hydrocodone Or Vicodin

When it comes to the possession of Hydrocodone or Vicodin, the police and the prosecutor see this as a very addictive drug. A lot of people are using Vicodin for pain-related issues and they become addicted and they end up continuing to utilize this drug, either by way of getting a bunch of false prescriptions or getting over-prescribed by one doctor or multiple doctors and the prosecutors obviously treat these crimes very seriously.

They don't want people to be manipulating the prescription system because that is monitored by the FDA and obviously, if they don't prosecute these cases and take them seriously, then they're not going to have any system where they can protect people from using drugs and from overdosing on drugs.

Hydrocodone or Vicodin is a very addictive drug. A lot of times people start out using it legally because they have some sort of an injury and they end up taking too much of it – either because the injury is really bad and it hurts and it's painful, or just because of the addictive nature of Hydrocodone or Vicodin, and maybe that particular person is susceptible to becoming addicted to those type of pain relief drugs and the doctor doesn't realize it and the person doesn't realize it until it's too late.

Diversion Programs

What we try to do is get a game plan together. Fortunately, now Los Angeles County when it comes to Vicodin and Hydrocodone-related offenses, we're set up pretty good to be able to help people. We get diversionary programs to try to protect the record. Were able to keep people out of prison.

Sometimes, we have a defense to the crime and we can get the person off because the police illegally stopped them or illegally searched them or both, illegally searched their home, their car, and if we can prove there was an illegal search and they violated the person's Fourth Amendment rights, then a lot of times we can get that Hydrocodone or Vicodin case dismissed, because without the evidence – because it was illegally obtained – the fruit of that illegal stop or search will not be able to be used against the defendant and then that leaves the prosecutors in Los Angeles without a case. So, that's another way to handle a possession of Vicodin-related offense.

If the police have the goods on you though, a lot of times – because of all the great Propositions that have passed related to drugs – and because of the different attitude in LA County related to drug offenses, we can get you a program – whether it be a diversionary program, a deferred entry of judgment-type program.

There are all sorts of programs that are designed to help you. Depending on how badly you are addicted, sometimes we get you what's called Prop 36 where you're going to get a much more intensive program. Sometimes people need to go into a live-in program in order to kick their drug habit related to Vicodin of Hydrocodone.

Other times, it's more of a social issue and they don't need any type of a live-in program, they need more of an outpatient program or one of the deferred entry to judgment programs that last for about six months and you're basically attending classes. So, again, it depends on your level of addiction and what happened in your case, what your criminal record looks like and obviously, how good your Los Angeles criminal defense attorney is in the jurisdiction where your case is pending.

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In my opinion – whether it be Hydrocodone-related offenses or Vicodin, it is going to come down to the person themselves. Once a person decides that they want to get rid of the drugs in their life because of the destructive nature of these drugs, then that's when they're going to be in the best position to take advantage and avail themselves of some sort of a program that will help guide them to what they themselves had determined was the best for their lives.

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