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Possession of cocaine, no matter what amount, is a felony and has serious consequences. Our Los Angeles criminal lawyers have handled thousands of drug crimes including cocaine charges. We have the experience and the skill to effectively represent you if you are facing a possession of cocaine charge. You can reach our California criminal defense lawyers to review your case.

Depending on the amount, possession of cocaine can result in state prison for 2-4 years. If the purpose of possession was to distribute then one may face 3-9 years in state prison. This is why you must contact our law firm to have the charges reduced or dismissed altogether.

If you are facing these charges in Federal Court, there is a difference between the possession of crack cocaine and the possession of powder cocaine and the penalties are more severe. You may face 5-40 years in prison depending on surrounding circumstances like whether there was an injury or death.

Legal Penalties

If you have a prior conviction for a felony drug offense that has not been completed, you will be sent to prison for 10 years to life and if death or serious injury resulted from the cocaine use and if you have a prior conviction, you will be sent to prison for life and/or be required to pay a fine of up to $4 million. Get help from our office can be reached at (213) 374-3952.

Penalties for possession of more than 5 kg of cocaine or a substance containing coca leaves are even harsher and result in double the prison sentences and fines. Our defense lawyers do everything we can to get the best results possible. We fight aggressively and persistently. Our legal strategy and skill qualify us to competently and effectively represent you if you are facing cocaine charges.

We understand the stress you may be under and the seriousness of these charges. That is why we do everything we can to get you the most favorable results. Our Los Angeles County Possession of Cocaine Lawyers can be reached at (213) 374-3952.

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