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How Will Election of New LA District Attorney Impact Criminal Cases?

It’s very surprising to me that the public has chosen to elect a new District Attorney in Los Angeles County.  Jackie Lacey has been a prosecutor in Los Angeles for many years.  I had cases against her way back in the day, but apparently a new day is dawning. How this new prosecutor will interact with the police and with the prosecutors that currently sit in the many courthouses throughout Los Angeles county is still yet to be seen. It seems very interesting what’s going to happen.  Some of these courthouses that have very tough head prosecutors will see a… Read More

Current Status of the Los Angeles County Jails

If you or a loved one has a criminal case pending and you’re worried about going to jail in Los Angeles county or your loved one is already in jail and you’re concerned about their health, safety and well-being in the jail, it certainly is a legitimate concern. Since I’ve been doing a lot of criminal cases over the last 26 years and I seen the evolution of the jails and where we stand now, I thought it might be a good idea to give a little bit of information. Own Recognizance Release Due to Coronavirus Since I’ve been practicing… Read More

Current Status of Bail for Criminal Cases in Los Angeles

Right now, there’s a bunch of propositions that are on the ballot. So, there’s going to be some voting going to see whether or not we go to a basically, no bail situation. This would be where the bail bond companies will be cut out and it would be more like the federal system, where you’ll either be released or detained or there will be some other form like a property bond or a signature bond.  I think right now, the bail situation in Los Angeles county is up in the air. As I write this piece for my website,… Read More

How to Choose the Best Attorney for Your Criminal Case

Just like all people are not the same, all attorneys are not the same.  Some attorneys have a more aggressive approach, while others have a softer, more milder approach. Depending on the type of case you’re talking about, that would probably dictate the best approach.  But, when you’re looking to hire an attorney for a criminal case in Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley or any of the surrounding areas, there are a good amount of attorneys out there that practice criminal defense, but the one that’s right for you is likely going to have a number of key characteristics:… Read More

Can Bodycam Evidence be Used to Dismiss a Criminal Case?

I continue to speak on this and I think people are going to realize it more and more, that the police are really not that smart and this whole introduction of bodycam evidence has really thrown them for a loop. You realize you’ve got people who are not putting two and two together.  They’re continuing to write the same police reports where they jimmy-up crimes against people and where they jimmy-up illegal stops against people. Also, they claim things happened that didn’t happen and they’re not mentally used to the fact that not only do they have a bodycam on… Read More

How to Defend the Violation of a Protective Order

A lot of protective orders are issued in Los Angeles county usually related to some sort of a domestic violence charge. A violation of a protective ordered is defined under California Penal Code 273.6. There is one big thing I see after 26 years of defended these cases. A lot of times, the alleged victim who is the person that the protective order supposedly protects — is actually the one who reaches out to the defendant. Then, the the defendant somehow gets caught communicating with the alleged victim or seeing the alleged victim and somehow they think it’s a defense… Read More

New Procedures for Police Line-Ups in California

New Procedures for Photo Line-Ups and Live Line-Ups Under California Penal Code Section 859.7 For the last 26 years now, I’ve had to deal with photo line-ups and live line-ups for purposes of identification in criminal cases. A lot of these procedures have been done in an improper manner which as influenced the potential witness in a case to identify my client or other clients related to cases that I’ve defended in Los Angeles county. They have now come up with new procedures pursuant to Penal Code Section 859.7.  Now the detective and the prosecutors, if they’re involved at the… Read More

Why Are Some People Held at the Los Angeles Wayside Jail?

Why are Some People Held at Wayside While they Have a Criminal Case Pending in Los Angeles? Wayside is one of the jails in Los Angeles county that holds inmates.  It is a huge ranch just to the north of Magic Mountain and it has a number of different facilities on many acres.  It’s also known as Pitchess Detention Center. There is north facility which usually holds inmates who don’t cause any trouble.  It’s kind of a medium facility.  Then there’s NCCF for North County Correctional Facility which holds more of the serious inmates. In that facility they have both… Read More

How Long Will I Stay in Custody at Los Angeles County Jail?

What is the Likelihood of Staying in Los Angeles County Jail if You’re Charged with a Crime? Right now, the Los Angeles county jail is under seize.  What I mean by that is that they have way too many inmates in their population for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the state prisons are not taking any new bodies as I write this post because of the Coronavirus.  That’s one huge factor. People are getting sentenced to prison — they’re supposed to go to prison — but because of the Coronavirus, the prisons are now allowing anyone to go… Read More

Police Traffic Stops Involving Drugs and Money

Why Would Police Pull Someone Over, Take Their Drugs and/or their Money and Let Them Go? I confront this situation all the time as a criminal defense attorney where the police are either not arresting my clients, or not arresting some that my clients are associated with. However, yet they’re taking the drugs that they find with them or they are taking a bunch of cash that they find on them, but then they don’t’ arrest the person, and they can’t figure out why the police are doing that. The reality is that you probably got caught up in the middle… Read More

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