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Types of Cases in Los Angeles Criminal Courts in Coronavirus Lockdown

Which Type of Cases are the Los Angeles Courts Dealing with in Today’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Lockdown? Believe it or not, all 38 of the Los Angeles criminal courts are still open for business as I make this post in late March and they probably will be through this virus.  I don’t think there’s going to be a complete shutdown of the courthouses. However, unless things really get out of control and I think the reason for that is because there’s a lot of people who are in custody and also, the criminal justice system in Los Angeles county is huge with… Read More

Is it Possible to Avoid Jail Time Due to the Coronavirus?

Is it Possible to Avoid Jail Time in Los Angeles For a Criminal Case Because of the Coronoavirus (COVID-19)? Right now Los Angeles County is trying to empty their jails.  They’re not alone.  Orange county is doing the same — Riverside county and San Bernardino county. Al 38 of the courthouses have coordinated with the judges and the prosecutors and they have a list of criminal defendants who are in custody that are eligible to be released on their own recognizance or get their bail lowered.  I’m trying to make arguments in all my cases where people are in custody. Defendant’s… Read More

Cononavirus Update on Los Angeles Criminal Defense

What’s Happening in Criminal Defense with the Los Angeles County Jail System and the Cononavirus (COVID-19) Right now a lot of people are terrified about going to jail as it relates to a criminal case they might have pending in Los Angeles county or maybe they’re still supposed to be sentenced and they’re obviously worried about being trapped in the Los Angeles county jail with the Coronavirus going on.  Our California criminal defense lawyers are providing an overview below. Not Reported Cases of Coronavirus in Los Angeles County Jails One good things about the Los Angeles County jail right now… Read More

Burglary Cases in the San Fernando Valley Courts

Burglary cases have been around a long time.  I’ve been doing this for over 26 years and depending on the type of burglar case, that will dictate how one of the San Fernando Valley courts handles the case — whether it be Van Nuys court or San Fernando Court. Our California criminal defense attorneys are providing a review below. Residential Burglary Charges If it’s a residential burglary where somebody is alleged to be going into someone’s home, obviously that’s going to be treated much more seriously than what we would characterize as a commercial burglary which has to do with… Read More

Why Do People Make False Allegations In Sex Crime Cases?

There are many reasons people make false allegations. One of them is that they were intoxicated when they hooked up with someone. Maybe they were both drunk and using drugs and the person is trying to figure out exactly what happened. Our California criminal defense lawyers are providing a review below. Maybe the other person is rude to her and doesn’t make sure that she gets home safely or call her again, so she assumes something bad happened. Many times, there is some sort of a custody dispute and a sexual abuse allegation is raised either against of the parents,… Read More

Auto Insurance Fraud Cases in San Fernando Valley Courts

How do the San Fernando Valley Courthouses Handle Auto Insurance Fraud Cases Pursuant to Penal Code Section 550? There are a lot of individuals who are involved in auto insurance-related offenses and usually where I see the prosecutors in the San Fernando Valley courts, such as the Van Nuys Court and the San Fernando Court, getting involved is where somebody tries to pull a fast one on their insurance company and then they end up getting caught by the insurance company. The insurance company then turns it over to law enforcement and now law enforcement gets involved and ends up… Read More

The Real Skinny About Los Angeles Criminal Defense

Having practiced in Los Angeles for 25 years, worked for the District Attorney’s office and also worked for a Superior Court judge, I think I have a pretty good idea about the inner workings of the Los Angeles criminal defense community, and obviously the Los Angeles criminal court system. One of the biggest I see is I read other attorneys websites and I can tell that 90+% of the websites were not written by the attorney.  So, you basically have website companies putting content on the site, putting information on these sites and a lot of the time a lot… Read More

Hiring a Los Angeles Criminal Attorney While You’re Out of the Country

I do have a lot of people who retain me from an out of country position.  A lot of times they’re doing it for a family member who is here in custody in the country or in Los Angeles or maybe they’re out of custody but the family member is trying to hire the attorney. I do that a lot.  In fact, I’ve had a lot of people hire me from being in an out of country position.  A lot of times we’re able to communicate through the WhatsApp and various other forms of communication like e-mail. Various Forms Of… Read More

Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney While You’re Out of State

I’ve been practicing now for 26 years in Los Angeles County.  I’ve had a lot of out of state individuals contact me and hire me.  Sometimes it’s another lawyer who is practicing in a different state and who has connections and a client in Los Angeles and they need help. Other times it’s a family member of somebody who’s been arrested in Los Angeles — a mother, father sister or brother — some other family member and they’re calling on behalf of their family member who has been arrested and who needs help in Los Angeles. Other times it’s people… Read More

Hiring Your Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Over the Phone

This has been a question for years whether it’s a good idea to hire a criminal defense attorney over the phone.  In today’s society with the internet being used more and more. Now as I write this post there being Coronavirus, it’s starting to make more and more sense and some people might want to hire a criminal defense attorney over the phone, so I thought I would give some information about it.  Our California criminal defense lawyers are providing an overview below. Coronavirus Quarantine First, if you’re either suffering from the Coronavirus or you or a family members is… Read More