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Crimes At The LAX Or Los Angeles Airport

In doing criminal defense for twenty-five years, I’ve seen many crimes charged at the Airport and the reason why is that security is so tight at LAX that they’re constantly grabbing people’s ID and running their criminal record. So, if they have a crime in another state or even internationally, they will grab them, hold them there and call the police in and detain them for whatever crime they have, and then the Los Angeles Department 30 at CCB will send them in there and then the person is looking at being extradited either internationally or to whatever state they… Read More

Use of Jailhouse Informants

Illinois v. Perkins The United States Supreme Court has handed down a new ruling which further damages the dictates of the Miranda holding. Basically, what it allows police to do is – when they have somebody in custody who they believe might have committed a crime and that person won’t talk to them – they can send either a police officer in there posing as an inmate or they could send an inmate in there directly attempting to get the person to confess to whatever charge they hope to get them to confess to. In Illinois v. Perkins, Perkins was… Read More

Issues Surrounding The Search Of A Home In A Criminal Case In LA County

When it comes to searching people’s homes, the police are going to need to satisfy certain requirements. A person’s home is certainly their castle, but if the police can show that a particular person is either committing a crime in their home, or there’s evidence of a crime in their home, then they can get a search warrant signed by a judge and they can go in and search the home. So, the question becomes how do they show that someone is either committing a crime in their home or that there might be evidence of a crime in their… Read More

Bail Deviations In Los Angeles

When it comes to setting bail, typically judges in Los Angeles County and all the courts across LA will set bail at what’s called Bail Schedule. Bail Schedule basically is a list of all the crimes in a Bail Schedule book that the judges have come up with a particular bail for each crime. They basically evaluated how serious the crime is and how dangerous the person would be to the public who committed that crime, and then when a judge gets a case at the arraignment level and has to set a bail on a case, they are going… Read More

Defending A High-Profile Criminal Case In Los Angeles

I have both defended and seen many high-profile criminal cases across Los Angeles in my 25-year career. It’s going to take a certain attorney with the right experience to be able to most effectively defend a criminal case in Los Angeles where the media is involved and it’s a high-profile case. Not only will the media be involved, but the prosecutors are going to put their best prosecutors on the case and they have unlimited resources in order to prosecute, investigate and convict a defendant of whatever it is they charged them with. The bottom line in these high-publicity and… Read More

Television Cameras Inside The Courthouse In Los Angeles

Over the course of the last 25 years, I’ve seen a lot of TV cameras be permitted to go inside the courtrooms and film what’s going on, in my own cases and also in other cases – whether they be high-publicity actors or actresses, or whether it just involves a serious case like a murder or some sort of a sex crime. Cameras are not automatically allowed in the court, especially TV cameras that are filming, because then what happens is reporters start putting spins on things. They don’t have all the information. So, there’s a certain standard in order… Read More

Violent Crimes In Los Angeles, California

When people talk about violent crimes they are usually talking about it with a negative connotation. Prosecutors and judges alike do not like violent felonies or misdemeanors and they will punish people in kind who commit these types of offenses. So, then you start to ask yourself, okay, so what is considered a violent crime? For purposes of the Three Strikes Law in California, there is a whole list of violent crimes. Examples would obviously be anything involving a person getting injured or some sort of force – whether it be physical or threats of force. For example, a robbery… Read More

Evidence In A Criminal Case In Los Angeles, California

I have a lot of clients and those people who are considering retaining my services as a criminal defense attorney tell me well, the prosecutors don’t have any evidence against me, so I don’t really understand why I’m arrested and I don’t understand how they’re going to prove their case. And this is where it’s just a matter that people don’t have the experience of dealing with a criminal case in the Los Angeles County court system and they don’t really understand what evidence is available to the prosecutors. Of course, if the prosecutors have a video tape of you… Read More

Jail Versus Prison In Los Angeles County

More and more, whether someone goes to jail or to prison is a big issue in the criminal defense system in Los Angeles and across California. The Governor of California has really tried to clean out the prisons because of the overcrowding in the past and has really tried to set it up so only the worse offenders in the criminal justice system actually do prison time. Therefore, there’s a list of crimes that determine whether someone goes to prison or whether they serve their time in county jail. What I mean by that is a lot of people are… Read More

Posting Bail In Los Angeles County

I’ve been doing this a long time and I’ve dealt with a lot of bail situations. The first thing you want to do is obviously get a good bail bondsman that knows the LA county court system and knows exactly what it takes in order to get the person out as quick as possible. As I pen this post here, the bail in LA county, the percentage for the bail bondsman seems to vacillate between about 6% and 10%. Most bail agents will usually do it for 7% of 8%. That’s something I like to coordinate with my clients and… Read More

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