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Criminal Court Process in California

A lot of people that haven’t been charged with a crime in California wonder what is the criminal process all about?  How does it work?  Am I looking at jail time?  Am I going to have a record for the rest of my life?  How is this going to impact me, my family, my future and my career? These are all great questions; but it’s scary, because when somebody gets arrested they lose control.  They don’t know what’s going to happen and they’re looking for answers. This section is meant to give you some of those answers.  Obviously, your first… Read More

Federal Bribery College Scheme Uncovered: A Tough Defense

When it comes to bribery as indicated in general, usually the feds get involved when someone is offering money, services, goods or something in order to effectuate something that is illegal.  In the most recent case where these actors or other people are paying extra money in order to get their children into colleges, that falls under the umbrella of bribery, which is now commonly known as the “college admissions bribery scandal.” Basically, what they’re doing is they’re trying to give money to get their child in a position to get into a college ahead of everybody else — or… Read More

Difference Between a Protective Order and Restraining Order in Los Angeles Domestic Violence Cases

This is a good topic to review because a lot of people get this confused.  So, if you’re charged with a crime and it relates to a domestic violence or spousal abuse case in Los Angeles, one of the issues you’re going to have to grapple with is a lot of times the police will tell your significant other to go get a restraining order.  That’s basically a civil remedy. So, they’re going to go into civil court, fill out the civil paperwork and if they can create enough of an issue related to you, they’ll get the judge to… Read More

Impact of a Great Bodily Injury Allegation on a Criminal Case in California

There’s a lot of great bodily injury allegations being alleged all over Los Angeles county.  These GBI allegations have a lot more teeth than they used to.  Now, if you get hit with a great bodily injury allegation it’s a strike.  It makes the crime that it attaches to, to a violent felony so the person has to serve 85% of that crime. So, great bodily injury, or GBI, is not a crime in and of itself.  It’s an allegation that goes along with a crime.  So, under California Penal Code Section 12022.7, it basically adds an extra three years… Read More

Best Defenses to Attempted Murder Charge in Los Angeles

When someone is charged with attempted murder, they really start looking around and scrambling to try to find an attorney and try to find some solutions to their problem.  A lot of times they’re in custody so it’s left to their family to do the ground work and the leg work for them to figure out what the best way is to handle their attempted murder case in Los Angeles county. The biggest problem with most of the attempted murder cases that I’ve seen over the last twenty-five years of practicing criminal defense in LA is that they’re usually charged… Read More

Why Are There Such Few Good Murder Defense Attorneys In Los Angeles County?

It’s my opinion after having practiced criminal defense for twenty-five years now, worked for the District Attorney’s office, worked for a Superior Court Judge and have my own practice since 1994 — so, I’ve been a defense attorney approximately twenty-five years, just defending people charged with crimes.  In the early 90’s when I first started out, I was actually defending murder cases, so I’ve been defending them since that time and I’ve seen a lot of things. I’ve seen attorneys.  I’ve heard what people have said.  I’ve taken over cases for attorneys who didn’t know what they were doing.  So,… Read More

How to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Today’s Modern Society

This is a good question because a lot of people are actually going to the internet to hire their attorney.  They can do a very broad search.  They can find out about the attorney’s reviews.  They can look at their credentials.  They can look at how long they have been practicing.  They can check the State Bar of California and see whether they’re a member in good standing. I am a top-rated criminal lawyer in Los Angeles. There’s all sorts of things.  And they can do it very quickly.  So, that’s what is so impressive about the internet. What I’m… Read More

Pre-Filing Dismissal Process In a Los Angeles Criminal Case

I have a lot of clients who retain me before any case is filed against them.  Sometimes a case is under investigation.  Other times, they’ve been arrested, posted a bail and they’re waiting for their first court date which is called the arraignment in a criminal case.  In some cases, not all, there is a chance to try to get the case dismissed or get what they call a non-filing before the court date, or even at the court date, thus it’s  important to understand the pre-filing issues. Mitigation Package A lot of times what we do is, file what… Read More

Reasonable Doubt in a Criminal Case in California

The bottom line is that the prosecutors in any case in Los Angeles, whether it be a misdemeanor or a felony, have to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.  Now trying to figure out exactly what that means is not always easy.  There’s a jury instruction — and the jury instructions that are used in Los Angeles are the CALCRIM 103 – Reasonable Doubt.  It basically says, the Judge tells the jury, I will now explain the presumption of innocence and the People’s burden of proof. The defendant has pleaded not guilty to the charges.  The fact that a… Read More

Cautionary Instructions Given to Jurors in a California Criminal Jury Trial

When someone serves on a jury trial, one of the big instructions that is given to them is CalCrim 101.  That really talks about the jurors’ conduct during the trial.  It also discusses the participants’ conduct.  One of the biggest things they want to make sure that a jury understands is that they’re not to talk to the parties — either the lawyers or the defendant in a criminal jury trial in Los Angeles while the trial is pending.  A lot of times people say you can at least say hi, and be polite, but this is inappropriate. What we’re… Read More