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Defense of Celebrities Charged with Domestic Violence

Posted by Ronald D. Hedding | Jun 21, 2023

I've been defending celebrities for over 30 years in Los Angeles, and when it comes to domestic violence cases, you must get an attorney with experience in this area.

Defense of Celebrities Charged with Domestic Violence
Any celebrity charged with domestic violence will need a lawyer with experience in this area.

In other words, they defended celebrities before, had success, know about keeping things private, and know how to navigate through a particular prosecution, depending on the court in which the case is filed.

I can tell you right now, having handled many cases for celebrities, the prosecuting agency that is assigned to deal with the case usually will appoint a special prosecutor to handle the case. 

The good thing is that person will be on top of everything.  They will be receptive to discussing the case and look to make sure that things are handled fairly.

On the other hand, just a typical case that runs through a bustling system, sometimes the prosecutors neglect the case.  They don't have the time to listen to the defense so often; you must battle it out to get what's fair.

On the flip side, I've seen that in celebrity cases, the prosecutors will listen to it if you've got some good evidence on the other side. They will take a hard look at the case in deciding how to handle it – whether the case should be filed, and if it is filed, how it should be handled. 

What Are the Common Domestic Violence Charges?

In Los Angeles, some of the most common charges related to domestic violence include the following:

Domestic Battery – Penal Code 243(e)(1)

Domestic battery charges are defined under California Penal Code 243(e) PC and are the most common form of domestic violence-related charges in Los Angeles County.

Domestic Battery – Penal Code 243(e)(1) PC
Penal Code 243(e)(1) PC domestic battery is a misdemeanor crime carrying harsh penalties.

PC 243(e)(1) says, “When a battery is committed against a spouse, a person with whom the defendant is cohabiting, a person who is the parent of the defendant's child, former spouse, fiancé, or fiancée, or a person with whom the defendant currently has, or has previously had a dating or engagement relationship, the battery is punishable….”

This crime is described as any willful and unlawful use of force or violence against another person. It's a lesser charge to California Penal Code 273.5 PC corporal injury to a spouse.

You can be arrested for domestic battery and convicted if you use any force, no matter how slight. It does not require evidence of visible injuries to be arrested by the police.

After your arrest, a judge will typically issue a restraining or emergency protective order prohibiting you from communicating with the alleged victim. Violating a restraining order is a misdemeanor offense and can complicate your domestic battery defense.

Domestic battery is a misdemeanor offense unless serious bodily injuries or other aggravated circumstances exist. If convicted, you face up to one year in a Los Angeles County jail, a $2,000 fine, and probation. The probation requirements will include completing a 52-week batterer's treatment program.

Close Review of the Case Details

So, what I have you do is come in, and we sit down.  The attorney-client privilege protects everything.  We talk about the case.  I encourage you to be honest.  Give me all the details, and then I will use my 30 years of experience to help you.

Los Angeles Domestic Violence Attorney
Contact our defense lawyers for legal guidance.

I've worked for the State Bar of California and have good insight.  I've worked for the Los Angeles district attorney's office.  I've worked for a superior court judge, and then in the early 1990s, I started defending people just like you -- hundreds of domestic violence cases since that timeframe. 

So, I know how to attack these problems.  I know how to deal with the prosecutors, the judges. Sometimes we get a case where we have to fight the case. 

They don't have the evidence, yet they're still trying to prosecute the cases, and that's where you need a fighter.  You need somebody with the wisdom to know when to fight the case and when to negotiate the case.

You've come to the right place.  If you need the best, pick up the phone now.  Ask for a private meeting with Ron Hedding.  I stand at the ready to help you.  We'll go over the entire case. 

We'll look at the pros and cons of fighting the case and map out a defense designed for you and your situation that makes sense to protect your rights, your freedom, your reputation, your criminal record, and everything you hold dear. We offer a free case consultation. The Hedding Law Firm is based in Los Angeles, CA.

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