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New LA District Attorney Policy on Juveniles Tried as Adult

What Has The New Los Angeles District Attorney Done With Juvenile Offenders Who Could Be Tried As Adults?

One of the things that the new Los Angeles DA has done is argue that juveniles are young when they commit offenses. Their brains are not fully formed. A lot of times they don't understand the nature of their offense.

As such, we should take this into account when we deal with them. When a juvenile commits a criminal offense under the age of 18, instead of trying them as a juvenile in the juvenile system, they are being tried as adults in adult courts.

In the juvenile system, there are certain programs that help minors with rehabilitation and to get back in the community. There are a lot of cases that are being taken up to adult court.

Blocking Prosecutors From Sending Juveniles to Adult Court

New LA District Attorney Policy on Juveniles Tried as Adult
The new Los Angeles DA is blocking prosecutors from sending juveniles to adult court.

Consequently, there are 16 and 17-year-olds being tried as adults. They are being housed with adults. That is not good for anyone from the new DA's perspective. Therefore, he's now blocking his prosecutors from sending juveniles to adult court.

He's having them tried in juvenile court instead. This, in combination with the probation office taking over juvenile cases in Los Angeles County, will have a big effect on the prosecution and rehabilitation of juveniles.

Another issue that the head DA has indicated is how are juveniles going to get jobs in the future after they get convicted and punished as adults? Their records will get marked as adults. As a result, their lives could be effectively ruined.

In response, he's made changes in the juvenile court. The issue is going to be how the judges in the juvenile court will react, and how the probation department will react.

Moreover, it will be interesting to see how the powers that control the juvenile court will continue to reform that area of the law. The counter argument is that there are a lot of dangerous juveniles committing very serious crimes.

Arguments Against New Juvenile Policies

Many argue that they have to be punished because there are victims.  Their strong argument is, Wait a minute:

  • What about the victims of these crimes that juveniles are committing?
  • Why don't we take them into consideration when we punish these people?
  • When they are prosecuted, where are they going to be held?
  • Where are they going to be held when they get punished?

That's a big attack against the new prosecutor.

There's still a lot to be decided. However, there are major moves going on in juvenile law in Los Angeles County. The shift seems positive for the juveniles who are being prosecuted for criminal offenses.

Other Policy Changes by New District Attorney

Is There Anything Else That Should Be Touched Upon In Regard To The New Policies In Place? What About Cases That Are Delayed Due To COVID? Will Any Of Those Cases Fall Under The New Rules?

Part of the new district attorney's platform and rule changes is that any current pending cases will be dealt with accordingly. As we move into 2021, a lot of these cases are going to be resolved. Number one,

  • the new DA's has wiped out strikes, and
  • special allegations, and
  • has put a presumption that people should get probation in their cases.

That's one grouping of policies that will impact a bunch of cases that have been pending for two or three years. They have been tied up since the pandemic.

The other factor is that there is a load of cases that are set for trial that's impossible for the district attorney's office and courts to try. There are too many of them and not enough courtrooms or judges.

Furthermore, because of the pandemic, jury trials are taking longer to try since it takes forever to pick a jury. Social distancing is a factor with how the jurors have to be brought in and out of the court.

As we run up against 2021, and a lot of these cases are looped over, we're going to see a mass resolution of cases.

This is an opportunity for good defense attorneys to take advantage and get their clients the best possible resolutions, especially with the new policies in place.

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I am ready to help my clients. I have a myriad of cases that I'm dealing with. There are still people who are being arrested and brought in.

Most people don't realize that a lot of people are getting arrested and the prosecutors are not filing those cases. However, I think those cases are going to end up getting filed.

Best Criminal Defense Attorney for California Crimes
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Part of the reason they are not getting filed is due to manpower and issues with overcrowding in the jails and courts.

I think the prosecutors, judges, and sheriff department, who hold all the inmates in Los Angeles County, have got together and agreed that they can only deal with the most serious cases.

Otherwise, they know they'll be overrun. Those cases are still looming. They are waiting until they can get a better handle on the pandemic. When the time comes, I'll stand ready to help you.

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