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How Long Do Investigations Take Involving Crimes Related To The Government?

Whenever the government is involved in investigating a crime and thinking that you were involved with that particular crime, whether it be the EDD, any type of insurance claims, any type of health claims, under this umbrella where the government is the alleged victim and the people of the state of California are losing money, even at the federal level where the federal government is losing money, these investigations can take some time.

One, because a lot of times when the government is involved, it's usually something sophisticated and whoever the person is that was purportedly involved, a lot of times they are hiding their activities so it's going to take some time to uncover it and to fully investigate it.

Government Agencies Have a Huge Backlog Of Cases

Another reason why some of these cases take a long time is because, unfortunately, government agencies get stolen from all the time, so they have a huge backlog of cases.

Probably lastly, and important as well, sometimes in order to investigate some of these government-related offenses, special agents or special individuals are involved in investigating these cases — forensic accountants for examples. Other individuals have to look through computers. There are all sorts of specialty areas that are necessary in order to figure out some of these crimes.

So, when you have an individual handling a bunch of these cases at the same time, you get yourself into a situation where that particular individual is overwhelmed and over-worked, so it's going to take time for them to unbury themselves, so they're going to prioritize the case based on the severity of the loss, the amount of the loss to the government and how dangerous — financially or otherwise — they perceive the potential target or defendant in the criminal case.

Hire a Lawyer in The Pre-Filing Stage

That's why we get somebody like me involved. You hire me pre-filing. I talk to the prosecutors and we find out what can be done before a case is even filed against you to put you in the best possible position to try to avoid a potential charge against you in the first place. Maybe the government has it wrong.

Maybe they don't have all the true facts and details about what's going on. That's my job — to give them your side of the story, your version of events and to see what we can do to maneuver things in your favor.

You don't want to be in the position of having to fight the charge in the first place. So, if no charge has been filed against you, that's the time to get an attorney. That's the time to equip your attorney with all the information necessary to properly defend you so they can talk to the prosecutors and agents, and they can make moves on your behalf pre-filing before any decision is made.

It's very difficult once they file the case. They've loaded up a bunch of stuff against you. They believe that you're guilty and it's kind of a rush to judgment in some of these cases; whereas, if you had your attorney working on it from the beginning, you'd be in a much stronger position to try to block the filing, or if they do file it, to get it a smooth transition into dealing with it versus being arrested, having a huge bail put on you, being taken into custody in front of your friends, family and associates.

So, get your criminal defense attorney working on the case immediately. Make the right moves immediately. Make the phone call today and we'll get this thing moving in the right direction if you're being investigated by a federal agency in Los Angeles or otherwise. This is right up my alley.

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