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Hiding Kids From Their Parents: Child Abduction Or Concealment Of A Child – Penal Code Section 280

This Penal Code is obviously designed to protect children from being abducted or being concealed from their parents, often in domestic violence related situations. A lot of times where I see California Penal Code Section 280 coming into play is when a child is taken by someone either not the parent, or by another parent who – when there is a child custody dispute that’s when a lot of these cases are filed related to taking children impermissibly.

Obviously, if a parent has the legal right to have a child and another parent is trying to just use law enforcement to get the person in trouble so they can gain an advantage in a custody battle in Los Child Abduction in CaliforniaAngeles – that would be an improper use of Penal Code Section 280.

If you’re being charged with a violation of Penal Code Section 280, or child abduction under Penal Code Section 278, or anything in that realm, obviously you want to get the best attorney you can find.

Courts are really designed to protect children, figure out what is in the best interest of children and prosecute those individuals who are doing anything related to breaking the bond of the parent-child relationship, or anybody who is taking a child for some sort of an illegal purpose – whether it be sexually-related or otherwise. .

Consult with Our Lawyers To Review Your Case

So, if you’re charged with some sort of a child abduction or child concealment case, you really need to sit down with our Los Angeles domestic violence lawyers to go over all the element related to Penal Code Section 280 and see whatever it is you’re being claimed to have done fits within those elements, because child abduction and child concealment are very serious crimes and judges take those crimes seriously and are typically going to try to punish any offender with custody time.

A lot of times the police rush to judgment in these child abductions or child concealment cases and only get a one-sided, lopsided story about exactly what happened. Your version of events is important. Getting your story across to the prosecutors, the police and the judges is imperative if you want to end up with the best possible result when it comes to one of these very serious cases.

So, if you’re being charged with a violation of Penal Code Section 280, it’s very important that you sit down with an attorney and get your side of the story across to them.

What I have you do is come in. We go over everything under the cloak of the attorney-client privilege so you can speak freely and obviously give me an accurate account of what happened.

Don’t put a spin on things, so that I’ll be in the best position to advise you and give you an idea of what you’re facing, what you can do to assist yourself, whether the strategy is to get character letters and show the prosecutors and judge that you’re a good person and whatever you did is an aberration or whether we really need to dig in and do an investigation to show that you didn’t have any unlawful intentions or unlawful purpose related to any child. That’s really the key.

They’re trying to protect children in society from those people who are taking them, keeping them from their parents and trying to either perform some illegal act on them or get them involved in something that is not appropriate, against their will and is basically breaking the bond between a child and a parent.

Develop a Vigorous Defense Strategy

So, pick up the phone today. We’ll sit down and go over everything and we’ll figure out whether this is really a situation where you’re hiding a child from their parent or concealing a child from their parents or abducting a child, and if it’s not, then obviously we’ll put on a vigorous defense.

If there is evidence that you’ve done something wrong, then the next move is going to be to figure out how we can do damage control and put you in the best possible light in front of a jury or in front of the court and get your matter resolved as fast as possible, so you can get out of the criminal justice system as quickly as humanly possible.

For more information on Child Abduction Or Concealment Of A Child, a free initial consultation is your best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling (213) 374-3952 today.

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