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Defense of Murder Cases in the San Fernando Valley

I've been defending murder cases under California Penal Code 187 now for the past 27 years in the San Fernando Valley. In fact, my first trial in one of the San Fernando Valley courthouses was actually a murder case.

My client was found not guilty and it was a situation where the case really needed to be won. That's usually the scenario with a murder charge, because if you're found guilty, you end up getting such a long prison sentence that it really doesn't make any sense to get anything but a not guilty verdict.

Experienced Defense Lawyer is Crucial

Defense of Penal Code 187 Murder Cases in the San Fernando Valley
If charged with Penal Code 187 murder , you will need a defense lawyer who knows how to challenge the prosecutors case.

Nobody wants to go to prison for 20 to 30 years or end up with a sentence where they're looking at the rest of their life in prison.  So, it's crucial that you find an attorney:

  • who's done a lot of murder cases, and
  • knows how to match up against the prosecutors.

The police and even the judges who are former prosecutors who are trying to help the prosecutors get the conviction in the case.  You've got to be ready for that.

You've got to have your defense down.  You have to know how to attack the prosecution's case, how to pick a good jury that's going to give the defendant a fair trial.

If you're the defendant or if you're a loved one of the person that's charged with a murder charge, this is where all of the marbles are on the line.

It's crucial you get an attorney who can match up against the prosecutors, because when it comes to a murder or homicide case in the San Fernando Valley, they're going to put their top prosecutor on the case.

They don't put the younger prosecutor on these cases because they want to get the conviction.  They figure a life was lost and it's important to get the conviction.

They' also going to try to put the person away for as long as they possibly can.

Polices of New Los Angeles District Attorney

Polices of New Los Angeles District Attorney
The new Los Angeles District Attorney is allegedly no longer seeking the death penalty in PC 187 murder cases.

The new District Attorney in Los Angeles county is supposedly no longer seeking the death penalty.

So, if you have a case pending in one of the San Fernando Valley courts, you're not looking at the death penalty, no matter what the circumstances are, at least as I make this post.

However, you still could be looking at life in prison depending on what you're charged with and what the judge ends up sentencing you to.

So, you want to make sure that you put on the best defense and you get that not guilty verdict.  That's going to take:

  • (1) you having a defense; and
  • (2) you're going to have to have an attorney that can block the prosecution's evidence and show the jury that you're not guilty.
  • (3) you're also going to have to make the decision whether or not you're going to testify in the case or whether you're going to rest on the state of the evidence.

That's something you and your attorney are going to talk about.

Alibi Defense in Penal Code 187 Murder Cases

Also, you're going to have to evaluate whether you have an alibi for the murder charges.  Sometimes that's applicable; sometimes it's not.

If you think it is applicable, obviously you're going to want to make sure that:

  • (1) it's a good alibi; and
  • (2) as you present the alibi, that you don't have any witnesses, including yourself, that look bad, that look not credible.

This is because when you put on an alibi and the jury perceives that you're trying to pull the wool over their eyes, it can have a horrible effect on the entire case.

That's one big reason you want to make sure, if you're charged with murder in the San Fernando court, the Van Nuys court, any of the courts in the San Fernando Valley, that you have an attorney who can evaluate all of the evidence that the government has against you.

Criminal Defense Lawyer for PC 187 Murder Charges

Criminal Defense Lawyer for PC 187 Murder Charges
Call the Hedding Law Firm to learn how we can help you.

You have to decide what type of an investigation is going to be done on your side, and most importantly, challenge the witnesses that the prosecution's going to call both at the preliminary hearing and at a potential trial.

So, if you or a loved one is charged with murder in the San Fernando Valley, you've come to the right place.

Please check out all of my videos on the subject matter.

Read my book, The Art of the Perfect Defense.  Come with your questions.

Let's sit down.  Let's talk.  I will do everything I can to help you or your loved one through this most important crucial time in your life.

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