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Defense of Attorneys in Los Angeles Criminal Cases

Posted by Ronald D. Hedding, ESQ. | Apr 25, 2020

I've been representing attorneys in criminal case for the last 26 years.  I've handled cases all over Los Angeles county.  I even worked for the State Bar of California for a period of time on one of the Commissions that is tasked with interviewing and helping chose judges for the Governor for the State of California.

So, I have a lot of experience in dealing with different agencies, including the District Attorney's office who I worked for in 1992 in east Los Angeles.  I also worked for a Superior Court judge in the early 1990's as his research attorney and right hand man.

DUI and Domestic Violence Charges

So, I've seen all angles when it comes to criminal cases, and specifically, when it comes to attorney who get charged with crimes.  I've also been a criminal defense attorney since 1994, just representing criminal defendants and I've represented a lot of attorneys along the way for various crimes ranging from DUI to domestic violence to more serious offenses

Then obviously I know that it's not just the criminal element that we're taking about and the threat of jail time and other possible punishments, we're also talking about your state bar license, so we have to make sure that we coordinate our efforts to try and protect your license, protect your representation, and of course, protect your freedom.

Defense of Attorneys in Los Angeles Criminal Cases

First, we have to determine what type of a case you have — what the seriousness level is of the case — and also whether you have a defense to it.  Once we get a good meeting in on whether or not you can actually defend the case and obviously, it is going to be a good meeting because you're going to have two attorneys talking about it.

One who has been doing it for 26 years and another one I'm sure you're well-schooled on your own area of expertise, but also you have the type of mind that can think like an attorney or lawyer and assist me in defending your case.

So, if it's a defensible case, I encourage you to look at my reviews.  Look at the videos.  I have over 300 on YouTube so you can see what type of an attorney I am — how I carry myself, my confidence level, and obviously my experience level.

You're going to want an attorney who has done over 200 jury trials to be at your side if you're going to challenge the District Attorney's office, the City Attorney's office in a criminal jury trial.

Mitigation Package

If on the other hand, you and I realize that the prosecutors have the evidence against you sufficient to prove the case against you, obviously we're in a different situation.

We're going to do damage control.  We're going to put together a mitigation package so that we can show the prosecutors your good side, your family, your job, what you do for the community and we can really get down to the nitty gritty of defending you the right way.

So, if you're an attorney and have been charged with a crime in Los Angeles, I encourage you to come and sit down with somebody like me who has been down the road that you are about to travel and had successful outcomes for my attorney clients.

There are a lot of different things that go into defending a criminal case — whether the person is an attorney or some other professional — and I've got a lot of experience with these type of criminal cases and I really know how to dig in and either defend the case if necessary or show the prosecutors that there is another side to you that they need to look at.

The good thing about crimes involving attorneys is that usually you're going to have a sophisticated prosecutors.  The person is typically, but not always, going to be specially assigned so we're going to be dealing directly with them and probably their supervisor.

It makes it a lot easier to kind of get special attention as far as them having the time to be able to look at mitigating evidence or even evidence that shows that you're not guilty of the crime that you're being charged with.

Whereas, if you're just lumped in with all of the other general criminal defendants in Los Angeles — it's a huge county — over a thousand prosecutors, over 38 different courthouses and very busy and sometimes it's very difficult to get the personal attention to really look at the case.

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

Certainly I'm going to do it, but we need to be able to get a prosecutor with some authority to look at it and that is one of my specialties, that is knowing the inner workings of a District Attorney's office.

I know how to defend an attorney who is charged with a charge, what mitigating information to get to them, how to present it and obviously, how to get the result that you need to protect your freedom, your rights, your liberty and of course, do whatever we can to help you with your state bar license.

So, if you're an attorney who is charged with a crime.  Pick up the phone.  Make the call.  You can speak directly to me, Ron Hedding.  We can do everything we can to hep you and get you out of the criminal justice system as fast as possible.

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