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Criminal Defense Lawyer in the City of Hollywood

Hollywood certainly is an area where a lot of activity is going on.  Strangely enough though, they closed the Hollywood court some years ago, so most of the cases have been carved up between LAX court, downtown criminal court building – 210 West Temple, and a number of other areas just depending on exactly where the case falls.

If you've been arrested or cited on a case that's in the city of Hollywood, you're going to have on your ticket a location to go to and it will show you which courthouse you're supposed to go to.

If you've been arrested and had to post a bail on a case then the bail bond company should give you a half slip of paper which shows which court you're supposed to show up in or the police in the city of Hollywood will give you paperwork showing you the court.

Reviewing Your Criminal Case in Hollywood

Then obviously, when I deal with people who have been arrested in Hollywood, I will have them bring the paperwork in.  We'll talk about what happened and then we'll get ready to make the court appearance depending on which court the case is in.  That plays a big role.

I think the downtown courthouse which has much more action than the LAX courthouse is probably going to be a lot easier to deal with because they have to be more reasonable with dealing with their cases otherwise they will become basically broken by too many cases because they won't be able to conduct any business.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Hollywood, California

Hollywood does a lot of different crimes ranging from prostitution to burglaries, to robberies.  There's a lot of DUI activity going on in the area of Hollywood and the police department is out in force.

There's a lot of police activity in the Hollywood areas because of just the concentration of the population there.  So, there's a whole range of different crimes that are committed in that area.

I've been handling cases that have sprung from the Hollywood area for the last 26 years.  I handled a lot of cases in the Hollywood courthouse when it was open and even Beverly Hills has a lot of cases.

If you fall in that jurisdiction, that courthouse has now been closed a well.  So now, the LAX court gets a lot of cases or the Airport court on La Cienega controls a lot of the west side.  It controls a lot of cases that are going into Hollywood.  If you're in north Hollywood, a lot of times Van Nuys will capture those cases.

Prostitution, DUI, and Violent Crime Arrest in Hollywood

So, you have to realize if you're being prosecuted for a case in Hollywood, they have their own particular cases that they do a lot of.  They have vice that works out of the Hollywood area and they handle a lot of prostitution activity.

So, a lot of times the police will actually see prostitution going on and they will be the witnesses to what they see.  They'll also set up stings in the Hollywood area that people will fall prey to and end up getting arrested.

There are some violent crimes that occur.  There are a lot of crimes that occur in nightclubs.  There's a lot of DUI activity because I don't think people realize that they set up check points.

Even if they don't set up check points, they're just pulling people over randomly in Hollywood because they figure, especially on a weekend or late at night, people are probably drinking in one of the bars of clubs there.

Hollywood Criminal Defense Lawyer

So, if you've got a case in the Hollywood area and you've been sent into one of the various courthouses that service that area, either you were arrested by the Sheriff's or LAPD, pick up the phone.  Make the call.  I've handled thousands of cases that have sprung from that area.

I know how to handle the cases.  I know exactly what defenses can be employed depending on what you're charged with and sometimes we don't have a defense.  Sometimes we have to do damage control and get a mitigation package together for the prosecutors.

The City Attorneys will prosecute misdemeanors in that area and the District Attorneys will prosecute felonies.

So, if you've got a case and you were arrested in Hollywood and you were either cited in with a ticket to appear in court or you were arrested and told to appear on a certain court date, pick up the phone.  Make the call.  We're in business 24/7.

I've got an answering service that will answer all calls and get the calls routed to me or one of my associates so we can begin the process of helping you.

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