Hedding Law Firm

Client Testimonials

Ronald D. Hedding, ESQ.

“I found Ron here on this site and due to the other types of cases he was successful with, I chose him. He didn’t make a lot of promises on the phone and gave me a realistic impression of what I was in for, which was in contrast to some of the other shady characters I spoke with that promised me the moon. He made me feel confident that he would be able to get me the best possible outcome. Because of Ron’s reputation and YEARS of experience, he knows everyone at the DAs office and was able to get ahead of my case and get character reference letters to them before they filed the case. He was able to get the information I COULD NOT have gotten without him. Because of him, my case was never filed, I avoided fees, court, embarrassment and a record. He’s as good as the rest of the reviews here say. He DID in fact, get the best possible outcome for me and I feel He was worth every penny, I don’t feel like I’ve been used, I feel I’ve been supported, respected and properly represented. I’m staying anonymous, but this is a 100% REAL review with a real life scared as heck person, that got through this nightmare with Ron’s expertise and support.”

A Satisfied Client

“I can’t say enough about the Hedding Law Firm. I was facing 2 violations of felony probation and a new case and my original attorney told me I was looking up to 3 years in jail and I would absolutely do time. I suffer from kleptomania and he would not even entertain asking for treatment for me so I decided to look for a new lawyer. From the moment I met Ron Hedding I knew I found the right lawyer to represent me. He made me feel like I had a chance of not going to jail and did everything to make that happen. He performed a miracle for me, He got the District Attorney to not violate me on either of the 2 violations (one of the violations was for picking up a new case) and on the new case I was given 90 days of treatment and NO JAIL TIME. Because of him, I am now in recovery and 73 days free of stealing and I can hold my head up high and live my life again. If you need a lawyer who cares about you and will do whatever it takes to defend you the Hedding Law Firm is the only one to choose.”


“My son, a high school senior was involved in a bullying incident at school. He felt threatened and defended himself. He was charged with 2 felonies and was facing up to 8 years in prison. We had a public defender at first that got the charges down to 2 felonies on his record with no jail time and $10,000 in restitution. I knew it was then we had to get an attorney. I live out of state so it was difficult to set up appointments when I came to town. Ron Hedding’s Law Firm made this very easy. After hiring Ron to represent my son, I walked out confident that we hired the best. After several hearings, Ron was able to get his case dismissed with no restitution. This whole experience could have been damaging to my son, Ron has given my son a chance at a future without having 2 felonies on his record for the rest of his life. My son walked out of court yesterday ( after his case was dismissed) with his head held high to begin a new chapter of his life.

Word can never be enough for what Ron has done for my son. Thank you!!!”


“The appreciation for Ron and his work is far beyond what words can describe. We needed Ron and thankful he is my husband’s lawyer. My husband was facing his 2nd violation on a joint suspension. And Ron not only saved my husband from the first violation and avoiding the suspension Ron had to fight hard to even get to avoid this joint suspension – not only did Ron save my husband from his suspension he was released in court. Our family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for your hard work and dedication.”

Jasmin N.

“Words cannot express the level of gratitude I have for Ron Hedding. I was facing a 32 month sentence due to a prior strike I had more than ten years ago. Ron was able to get me probation and more importantly, keep me out of jail! If your serious about results, hire Ron Hedding. You’ll be glad you did. High praise for Ron Hedding.”

Monique M.

“Honestly I have never gave an review to nobody, but HEDDING LAW FIRM. Definitely a Yes!!! I give them a 1000%. They’re amazing plus efficient with a free consultation with Carlos. With in 30 minutes I had an answer. Thank you so much Carlos for taking my worries away. I will definitely be an returning client.”

Ceci R.

“I am so beyond happy with my experience with Ron. I had a lawyer prior to him that was so unsympathetic and horrible at communicating, so I decided to switch and I am so happy I did. Working with Ron was incredibly easy and communicating with him was never a problem. He’s very personable and highly professional. The final outcome of my charges were beyond better than what I was expecting. I’m so entirely grateful for his work. I highly recommend him!”

Britney P.

“Ron Hedding and staff has handled multiple cases for my employees. Over the past 20 years he has come through time and time again. He has always made time to speak directly with his clients and his support staff is just as attentive. His pricing is very reasonable for someone with his experience. I want to say thanks to you and the whole Hedding Law Firm Staff!”

Scott F.

“Ron Hedding was knowledgeable, professional and available when we needed him.  He helped us with our case and one fee covered everything, including the follow-up visit to the court 1-year later.  I sincerely recommend him.”

Ian A.

“Ron is an amazing criminal defense attorney!! He’s passionate about what he does which is why he brings forth excellence!!!! Highly recommend Ron Hedding if you need a criminal defense attorney!!!”

Maral H.

“Mr. Ronald Hedding is amazing, handling my case superbly! I had a domestic violence case and I was panic as hell. Mr. Ron Hedding listened to me very patiently, asked many questions and took all of my concerns seriously. He walked me through possible outcomes and what he could do to help me. Without any hesitation, I chose him as my attorney after consulting with several others. He was very pro-active and always kept me well informed. He had good connections in the LAX court and knew the persecutor very well. The entire hearing lasted less than 10 minutes and I walked away with case dropped. I’m so glad that I asked him to be my attorney. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing a criminal defense attorney.

Last but not the least, his price is very reasonable, the lowest among several attorneys I consulted.”

Ping W.

“This review is long overdue. Ron Hedding was a great attorney who offered an affordable flat price for my case compared to many other lawyers I met with. In addition he made me feel confident in his abilities and knowledge.

I was charged with a bogus felony possession of Concentrated Marijuana (Hash) even though at the time of arrest I was pulled over for no reason and had a valid medical marijuana recommendation. He was able to get the charge knocked down to a misdemeanor so I didn’t have to travel halfway across the state to attend court hearings. After a few hearings the charged was dismissed. I am forever in the gratitude of the amazing people at this law firm.”

Jonathan E.

“The Hedding Law Firm was amazing. They really took care of my needs and made sure they got the best results possible, in fact amazing results! I can’t thank them enough. There are few times in life when you may need a lawyer, but when you do you want the Hedding team on your side. Thanks again.”

Joseph S.

“Mr. Ron Hedding is really honest and does what he says, he is reliable and trustworthy I had gotten stop for a suspicion of driving under the influence and Mr. Hedding’s firm got my case dismissed. Great team and customer service I would not use anyone else and strongly recommend him.”

Humberto P.

“The Hedding Law Firm exceeded our expectations. Our court dates were continually postponed and we were required to appear multiple times, they always had a representative with us until a satisfactory Judgement was reached.”

Robert F.

“Ron Hedding helped my father through a tough situation. He made our family confident that everything would come out okay. We couldn’t be any more grateful for what Ron has done for our family. Thank you!”

Oscar A.

“Googled criminal defense attorney and his name came up. Scheduled an appointment for a consultation. He gave me a forty five minute consult free of charge and gave me some very valuable advise. Tried to pay him for the hour but he refused. Love his set fee structure, with no hourly billing and no charging for every little thing!”

Chris G.

“Mr. Hedding was very helpful in getting me through my case. He was always able to talk whenever I had questions about my case or was able to get back to me very quickly. I felt like I was always in good hands with Mr. Hedding since I first talked to him. I got more than I expected from him as he was able to help get my case dismissed.”

Jonathan V.

“Ron is a great attorney. He delivered was he said he was going to do. He made me feel very comfortable from the beginning.  His office staff were also very supportive with many of my questions. I would recommend to anyone in need of his services.”

Scott F.

“Experience Matters, Great Representation! Ron Hedding was the lead attorney on my legal matter. I was facing jail and lifetime altering consequences on a felony charge and Ron was able to get me out of both. During the course of my ordeal, Ron provided outstanding legal guidance, he was very responsive via e-mail and phone whenever I had questions. Ron and his entire firm staff made a very difficult situation much easier to deal with. Ron’s experience working as a DA and his relationships in the courtroom proved to be one of his most valuable assets. Ron is definitely someone you want to have on your side. I highly recommend him. Thank you Ron!!”

A Satisfied Client

“He is an excellent attorney! He is professional, has a great reputation and mostly importantly, he has great ties with the court systems and prosecutors in Los Angeles, so he can get things done and get you the best outcome you deserve. I would highly recommend hiring him if you are in need, he is the man!”

Brad S.

“I have no words to explain my gratitude to Mr. Hedding! They are well known and respected in what they do! I’ve used their services twice in 2006 and 2016 in San Fernando court. They are well known by prosecutors And judges! I felt safe and confident in their knowledge and experience.”

Blanca C.

“Mr. Hedding was an AMAZING lawyer. He was very understanding to my situation, thoroughly explained to me all my options and made sure I had the best possible outcome. He is highly capable of performing his job and he is worth every penny. Thanks again Mr. Hedding!”

Chido J.

“I hired Ron Hedding for my husbands criminal case. Ron made it simple for me and was honest from the gate as to what my husband was looking at. Ron was very helpful and answered any questions I had immediately by phone or email. In court they knew and respected Ron which gave me relief knowing that the right lawyer was on my husbands case. After everything Ron was able to get years taken off my husbands time. Ron doesn’t know how grateful we are to have meet a humble lawyer and made it possible for my husband not have to miss a holiday or birthdays with his family. I would recommend Ron Hedding to everyone he defiantly gets the job done.”

Jasmin N.

“Working extremely close with several attorneys for years I can say that I am very knowledgeable regarding what a great criminal defense attorney is. Ron is undoubtedly a great criminal defense attorney. He is savvy, highly intelligent and tenacious. He stays abreast of the constantly changing laws and applies his knowledge to defend his clients. If you need a great attorney to represent you I can say that you will not be making a mistake with Ron. You will find that he truly cares about his clients and fights extremely hard for them above and beyond. He is definitely a top notch attorney! I highly recommend Ron Hedding.”

Chad C.

“Ron provided exceptional service to my family and I give him and his staff the highest endorsement. He resolved all our issues within 90 days and what was a very difficult time for our family was quickly concluded. He was clearly well known and respected by the judges, court staff and his adversaries.”

Richard G.

“When you have great legal representation such as the Hedding law firm you cannot go wrong. Ron is a genius and he definitely is very skillful in the court room. Thanks Ron, you are a heavy hitter.”

Flarab F.

“Mr. Hedding is an excellent criminal defense attorney. He is very knowledgeable and experienced. I highly recommend him for any type of criminal case, such as driving under the influence or serious felonies.”

Mariya F.

“Excellent lawyer! Highly recommended to anyone.”

Anjana W.

“Ron and his team can’t be matched. They know Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley courts inside and out. They are experts in DUI defense. Hire the best. These guys are the real deal.”

Brian B.

“If you find yourself in need of a great criminal lawyer you should definitely contact the Hedding Law Firm. They are awesome!”

Jim H.

“I never needed a criminal attorney in my life and then in May of 2006 I was faced with an unbelievable situation; My younger brother was charged with kidnapping, a crime which carries a life sentence in California.

I was at work when I got the call that there was a warrant out for my brother. I was shocked, stunned and scared; I didn’t know who to call, where to turn or where to even start to get help. I went online and start searching for attorneys in the San Fernando Valley. I called six; I got four voicemails, one receptionist and one was disconnected. I had no time to waste I needed to talk to someone immediately! I started to panic.

Then I emailed the Hedding law firm and within ten minutes they were calling my extension at work. The person on the other end of the phone immediately told me not to worry; he said I could see the attorney that afternoon. I would later realize that was the most important email I had ever sent in my life.

The minute I met Ron I felt that things were going to get better. After I explained the situation he knew just what to do and immediately made me feel that if I hired him I would be putting the right person in charge of my brother’s future. His initial decision to hire a private investigator turned out to be the number one action that saved my brother and proved that what he was being accused of never happened.

Everyone at the Hedding law firm was unbelievably supportive from the receptionist all the way up to Mr. Hedding himself. There is no way to explain the fear and helplessness you feel when someone you love is in jail. The legal system is so complicated you feel lost, you feel desperate and confused. I truly felt taken care of by Ron (Jr. & Sr.). They were dedicated to my brother’s case for 18 long months, they believed in him and they stood by him in the worst hours of his life.

By hiring Ron Hedding you truly have someone who can navigate the chaos of the legal system with a calm and rational finesse. He is tenacious, knows what he wants and how to get it, he fights for his clients and doesn’t stop until he gets the best out come for everyone.

Luck was on my side the day I hired the Hedding law firm, they saved my brother and they took great care of me. The day my brother walked out of jail was a one of the happiest days of my life. I now believe that I not only hired great attorneys but I hired great people who I will always count as friends.”

A Satisfied Client

“I was recommended to Ron through my friend who had help from Ron for his own DUI case. I can def say that it was a good decision and I still thank my friend greatly for the recommendation. I never thought that I would get a DUI just a few months after my friend did, but i did. Ron helped me out so much and really made the situation and case seem better. He was very helpful and very experienced with these cases.”

A Satisfied Client

“I have been knowing Mr Ron Hedding for over 15 years. He represented me on a felony charge while in county jail. He had my charges dropped from 5 to 7 years in prison to 180 days in county jail. He recently took care of a warrant that was in my name that wasn’t mine he had that removed with no problem. I Highly recommend Mr. Hedding.”

A Satisfied Client

“RONALD HEDDING IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST!! I’m so thankful and appreciative to have a lawyer like Ron. I was ridiculously charged with attempted burglary. I was 22 at the time, bailed myself out; and was facing 6 months in county jail, 5 yrs probation, and an extensive amount of community service. This was my very first allegation. I hired a HORRIBLE law office prior to Attorney Hedding, and my experience was absolutely awful; which led to a year flying by and Losing at the Preliminary hearing. I seen a video on YouTube from Mr. Hedding explaining a case similar to mine and I immediately contacted Mr Hedding. He is VERY reassuring, welcoming and professional! He puts the extra effort forth for the best possible outcome!!!. He’s all about planing and executing. I was VERY UPSET with the legal system. However, My final outcome was a No contest to a Misdemeanor, with NO JAIL TIME, and expungement after 1 year of probation and proof of a C average in school..easy!. MR HEDDING IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!”

A Satisfied Client

“Through a series of unfortunate events, and with zero history of criminality, a family member found himself under arrest and charged with a serious offense in late 2016. We contacted Attorney Hedding to serve as defense counsel for the case. He immediately connected with our family member, provided advice regarding bail bond, and clearly explained the nature of the offense and range of penalties available to the District Attorney (DA). For the next six months, with impressive patience and strategy informed by his years of experience with the Los Angeles courts District Attorneys, Attorney Hedding negotiated the shortest sentence possible. We are deeply grateful for his professionalism and expertise in securing the optimal outcome during exceedingly stressful times for both the defendant and his family.”

A Satisfied Client

“This is the second time I’ve used Ronald Hedding and I must say, he is an excellent attorney. He is professional, has a great reputation and mostly importantly, he has great ties with the court systems and prosecutors in Los Angeles, so he can get things done and get you the best outcome you deserve. I would highly recommend hiring him if you are in need, he is the man!”

A Satisfied Client

“Ron Hedding was the lead attorney on my legal matter. I was facing jail and lifetime altering consequences on a felony charge and Ron was able to get me out of both. During the course of my ordeal, Ron provided outstanding legal guidance, he was very responsive via e-mail and phone whenever I had questions. Ron and his entire firm staff made a very difficult situation much easier to deal with. Ron’s experience working as a DA and his relationships in the courtroom proved to be one of his most valuable assets. Ron is definitely someone you want to have on your side. I highly recommend him. Thank you Ron!!”

A Satisfied Client

“Ron is a great person to have on your side. After we payed him and started having court dates it was comforting to have someone like him on my side. I was extremely nervous due to the fact I had never been in trouble with the law before. I was facing prison time and a felony and I had no idea what to expect. Ron got me no time in jail or prison and some of my fines were reduced. I don’t know what I would have done with out him. I am forever grateful for him and his firm. Was a excellent first experience with a lawyer will definitely only call him for future issues.”


“If you’re looking for beyond competent representation, someone with a sterling reputation who can negotiate your case with ADAs and the judge, then Ron Hedding is your man. His son Martin came to my aid as well and I have been extremely pleased with their services. They were both patient and caring in the handling of my case and garnered a good outcome on my behalf.”

A Satisfied Client

“I was in dire need of not only an experienced attorney but one that wouldn’t settle for something less than I expected after I paid him. Seeking to reduce a felony to a misdemeanor for the simple fact that my future was hindered by this weight for many years. During my consultation in an office the filled the walls with success cases, Mr Hedding gave me the assurance and confidence he’ll represent me to the fullest which led me to believe he certainly knew what he was doing and not just someone in the field cashing in on the unfortunate. Long story short, not only was he able to get the Judge, through a bickering DA to reduce this felony but expunge it as well! Doors that have been shut many times will now be opened for me and my family. Ron, due to the nature of this felony I was a tad skeptic possibly expecting a rejection, however you came through for me and I can’t thank you enough. God bless you and your family.”

A Satisfied Client

“Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Ron Hedding. I was facing 32 months due to a prior strike. Ron was able to strike my prior strike and keep me out of jail all together. I was amazed how Mr. Hedding carried himself in court . You want Ron Hedding handling your case, so blessed to have hired him. You’ll be too .”


“My lawyer Ron Hedding did everything precisely and accomplished everything he intended to do. I have no complaints once so ever and I recommend him to anybody. I would go to him again for any of my legal needs. We finished my legal situation in a short amount of time with the best result I could have wanted. Thank you again, everything was perfect.”


Ron Hedding and his law firm has the expertise you need to handle your legal situation. This was my first illegal charge I have ever had and I was confused and scared, didn’t know what to do. l am grateful to have hired Ron Hedding and his legal firm. Ron was a masterful in dealing with me and my legal situation. Took the time to answer all my questions and took the lead so everything would be alright. Ron cares for you and works so you receive a favorable resolution. I recommend you talk to Ron Hedding and his legal team before you consider anyone else, he has the expertise in and out of the court room you’re looking for! Thank you Ron for all you did, you’re the best.”


“Ron Hedding is an exceptional lawyer that went well beyond the call of duty. I was in a situation that turned my life upside down. Ron was very hardworking and attentive to my case. He treated me like family and got me great results. My life was restored back to normal and for that I am very grateful. Ron is very well experienced and wise about the law. If at anytime my family and friends shall need a lawyer, I would refer them to Ron Hedding.”


“Mr. Hedding was an AMAZING lawyer. He was very understanding to my situation, thoroughly explained to me all my options and made sure I had the best possible outcome. He is highly capable of performing his job and he is worth every penny. Thanks again Mr Hedding!”


“At court Mr. Hedding Jr. Instructed Martin to do everything possible to bring down charges and so they agreed. My charges were brought down from spousal battery (from domestic violence) to aggravated trespassing. Of course also my immigration lawyer was also involved as for she provided me with a letter stating how would the charge of domestic violence will hurt me when reapplying for my resident card. There was good and effective communication from Martin and the DA. I was satisfied with the outcome.”


“My son had caught a very serious case of attempted murder. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person who decided to commit a crime. Ron was able to dig very deep into the case and all the evidence to find that he was able to prove that my son had not done anything to deserve what they were trying to give him which would have been min 15 years. Ron spent endless hours, tons of dedication and patients into my son’s case. He was ALWAYS available to speak with me and my husband about the case, He kept us very update to date on what was going on ( We are in another state ) and never failed to call when he said he would. Ron ended up getting my sons charges dropped to a much lesser charge, and he only did 7 months in county with 3 years probation. Ron is one of a kind and understands the importance of family. I would recommend Ron to anyone who is in need of a GREAT lawyer.”

A Satisfied Client

“Arrested for DUI with alcohol level of .21 with a minor car accident. I had briefly stopped to make sure the victims were okay and then left the scene without providing insurance, in which I was pulled over by LAPD about 1/4 mile from the scene. This was my 2nd DUI and I just completed probation 2 weeks prior, in which Ron Senior was my attorney at that time too and resulted in a Wet Reckless conviction with a .09 blood alcohol level. No jail time in the first case and I was sentenced to 3 years probation and a fine. With some luck and a great attorney, my 2nd DUI was only recognized as a 1st time DUI, but due to the accident and blood alcohol level, it was still considered a serious offense plus I have 2 more non alcohol related serious offenses from 10+ years ago. The prosecutors plea deal was 45 days in jail and 3 years probation, which should have been 120 days for a 2nd time offense and 5 years probation. At the time LA County jail was so overcrowded, most non-violent offenders were only doing 10% of their sentence and Ron Senior managed to get my sentence reduced to 30 days, a fine, and 9 month alcohol program, but had to enroll in a 18 month program if I wanted a restricted Driver’s License. In normal conditions, I would have done 15 days with good behavior, but instead did 3 days due to overcrowding, in which Ron Senior had stated would possibly be the case. Since being released, I’ve had several progress scheduled court appearances and Ron’s team has appeared at everyone, which has saved me time from missing work.

Prior to the conviction, Ron Senior was always available to speak with me and even provided his personal cell phone number if I could not reach him in office. I felt Ron genuinely did his best for my situation and the outcome was appropriate for the crime. Ron Senior knew the key players, (judge, prosecutor), which I feel helped in a big way too. Most important to me was Ron’s effort and communication with me throughout the process. Thank you Ron.”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Hedding and his firm were amazing! Every step of the way they were so helpful and supportive. Their knowledge of the law, and their familiarity with court staff, turned up amazing results, better than even my best case thoughts. Thanks again.”


“I was so traumatized when I was arrested for domestic violence. For me it was a big choc because I was on self-defense, and I’ve never been arrested in my all life before that. After I had an extremely very bad experience with one other lawyer, I found Ronald Hedding on the AVVO website. When I met him, he was so compassionate, and he listened all my story as a real human been. Then, all his team, Sally, Carlos and also Martin, his lawyer associate, were working very seriously on my case and were so helpful to calm down my big stress. I saw in court that the prosecutor really trust Mr. Hedding. My case was totally dismissed. Ronald Daniel Hedding saved my life. Thank you so much, I’m such so grateful to have find him.”

A Satisfied Client

“Attorney Ronald Hedding answered my question re a supplemental review in a matter on minutes on the AVVO website. His answer was concise and contained an easy to understand response. Thank you.”


“Ronald Hedding literally saved my life. I was charged with possession for sales of drugs and had 2 bank robbery prior strike. Hedding clearly had connections with the head prosecutor send knew the judge. He somehow kept me out of prison!

This attorney is head and shoulders above any of the attorneys i saw in court. If you are in serious trouble Hedding is your man!”

A Satisfied Client

“Was facing a very serious DV felony and a very scary 5 year minimum prison sentence. Ron got my case dismissed! Couldn’t be more happy with the results. Just speaking with Ron you can tell he very experienced. He made me feel comfortable with my life in his hands.”

A Satisfied Client

“I write this review of RON HEDDING with tremendous gratitude and relief. I found myself in an unfortunate situation that given my particular high profile job, would have been catastrophic had it not been for Ron Hedding. Initially, I hired another attorney who I never felt comfortable with.

As my potential trial date moved closer, I began to sense that I needed another lawyer to represent me. I was referred to Ron and I am so grateful. Not only did Ron take the time to carefully understand my case, he also took the time to make sure that I was as comfortable and up to date on the objectives, strategy and possible outcomes.

As I faced this serious allegations, the ability to fully understand your case along with a clear vision as to how I would be defended was so comforting. Most attorneys don’t take the time to share this vital information with their clients. Ron does and it makes a tremendous difference.

As with any legal case, the ability to know the various prosecutors and court personnel is vital to any effective resolution of any case. Ron is wholly connected, well respected and able to utilize these relationships to secure the very best result for his clients.

Ron was able work with the prosecutor to co-design a resolution that not only saved my career but the reputation of my family. I owe my freedom and reputation to the brilliant legal and relationship work performed by Mr. Henning. If you find yourself in need of an attorney, DO NOT HESITATE to immediately reach out to Ron as he will be your best possible ally.

Thank you Ron.”

A Satisfied Client

“I don’t typically write reviews like this but in Ron Hedding’s case I felt it was well deserved and something I really wanted to do. I was facing felony charges with some enhancements and was looking at a year or more in jail. Having never been arrested before I was a bit anxious to say the least. I was not an easy client to deal with but Ron Hedding and The Hedding Law Firm handled the situation like a true professionals.

There were several times I called his office in a panic about one thing or another and Ron was able to walk me off the ledge with some succinct, confident and honest reassurance. I came away from each and every one of those calls feeling much, much better and that I was in good hands.

Ron is direct communicator and holds no punches which I really appreciate. He is able to wade through all the minutia and get to the heart of the matter very quickly. He knows the law and what is relevant to your case and what isnt. He is excellent in the courtroom and leverages the relationships he has developed with DA’s and prosecutors over the years to your benefit.

Ron is a confident, highly talented, closer. He is bottom line focused on results and he gets them. He was able to get my felony charges with enhancements knocked down to a misdemeanor. No jail time, no probation, which in my particular case was awesome.

I highly recommend Ron Hedding to anyone facing criminal charges and in need of a top notch attorney.”


“Hats off to both Ron Hedding Sr. and Jr. for their hard work, compassion, and tenacious spirit in fighting for the desired result in my recent DUI case. They always kept me informed and gave me reasonable expectations for the result of this case. With so much hanging on the line, and with the clear cut need to get the DUI charge against me reduced to a lesser offense, I depended on them to do all they could on my behalf. They certainly did not disappoint. I would recommend their services to friends, family, and strangers alike. If you are ever in a sticky situation that requires top notch legal services, they should undoubtedly be your first call.”

A Satisfied Client

“Got my DUI charge dropped, was not on my record and charges also dropped for a breathalyzer refusal- Apparently this is a huge deal (to refuse the test) and comes with many consequences but Ron took care of me, and argued to preserve my rights- aside from civil and court fees- we won!”

A Satisfied Client

“I had a recent DUI case and retained The Hedding Law Firm. As you can imagine, I was fairly stressed out during this time and Ron (Jr. & Sr.) gave me a sense of comfort that they’d do what they could to get the best outcome. Very knowledgeable and trustworthy. I met with several lawyers in the area around the Van Nuys court and not only did I feel the most confidence in these guys but everyone at the firm are super nice people. (hard to find right?) They were able to get my .088 BAC settled to a speed contest. Thank You!!”


“Extremely knowledgeable and well respected in the Los Angeles County court system. He knew all the tactics and had a good relationship with the Judges and District Attorneys and was able to negotiate the best results I could of asked for. He was personable, responsive and I was very happy with what he did for me. Happy enough to go online and write this review!”


“I was in real need of a good lawyer for my DUI case. When find Ron from the first time I was very confident of his honesty and knowledge.He did remarkable presentation in the court. he delivers above and beyond.I also would like to thank to Ron Sr. as well .Hedding Law Firm is the best and you can trust. I would highly recommend Ron Hedding. The best choice ever made.”


“I had took a plea bargain in my case which I was suppose to do 24-36 months in prison. On the day of sentencing Ronald Hedding made the district attorney look like a moron. And the judge ended up giving me 3 years probation. I am very happy and would recommend this lawyer for sure.”

Lasd D.

“I am a NJ attorney and needed an LA criminal defense attorney for a family member who was in trouble. The one contact I had in California quickly recommended Ron and could not be happier with the outcome. Ron arranged his schedule in order to meet with us without delay, analyzed the issues swiftly and developed a strategy for resolution. What was one of the most stressful situations my family has ever encountered was handled masterfully by Ron. All issues were essentially resolved in 90 days and we could not have been more pleased.”


“Ron is a great attorney. He helped our family through some difficult situations. He handled two cases for us and did a great job. His office staff are also very responsive. Also, his prices, for the quality of service provided, are quite reasonable compared to other attorneys. We will always be very grateful to him for his great work!”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Hedding did a great job handling my criminal case. He was able to get the charges reduced and kept me out of jail. He is very knowledgeable and experienced. I would strongly recommend him to anyone.”

A Satisfied Client

“This law firm went above and beyond to assist my boyfriend who had two complicated criminal charges against him. He was looking at some serious jail time. The Hedding law firm was able to make a settlement with the prosecutors so that he would get probation while attending some classes. There is no way the judges in our local court would have done this without their representation. I cannot thank them enough.”

A Satisfied Client

“My husband and I hired the Hedding Law Firm to represent my son who was involved in selling pot. We got a great result (felony reduced to a misdemeanor) and will ultimately ask the Court for an expungement. We worked with Ron as well as Ron, Sr. and though we hope to never have another similar experience, I would recommend the firm without hesitation. Aside from their level of competence, both father and son seem to know everyone in the Courthouse, from the clerks to the judges and the prosecutors. This is obviously a HUGE plus.”

A Satisfied Client

“I usually do not like to write reviews, but I absolutely want to do this for Ronald Hedding . Ronald is the most talented Criminal Attorney in Los Angeles. One of my friends recently had a DUI and asked me if i knew anyone.I asked my attorney friends and Ronald’s name came up. I referred my friend over. He took care of everything even got my friend’s case dismissed. Highly recommended. I would give 100 stars if I could.”

Anna K.

“They got me out of a lot of trouble and I were really helpful. Since they’ve helped out many of my friends great lawyers.”


“I was arrested for selling my medication on Craigslist and was charged with a Felony and given 120 days in Jail. Mr. Hedding and his office reduced it to a Misdemeanor with 45 days community service with as little as one day per week. I’m very pleased with the results and recommend him highly.”


“We found ourselves faced with what seemed to be a complete life changing nightmare, After meeting with Ron and his great staff things were put into prospective and They helped us through a very tough time. The out come was so much better than we thought possible! Hiring Ron Hedding was the right move to make, They were so helpful, professional, and friendly. It was like having a trusted friend on our side!”


“If it was not for Ron, I don’t know where me and family would be today. He was able to get my drug offense completely dismissed because the police violated my rights. They pulled me over, arrested me and searched my car for no reason. Ron came in like a surgeon and took the prosecutor’s case apart. In the end , the matter was dismissed and I have my freedom and record protected. Thank you!”


“I was charged with a very serious white collar theft related offense. Mr. Hedding knew all of the authorities involved in the case. The judge and prosecutor clearly liked and respected him and I believe it made a huge difference in resolving my case. I can’t endorse Ron Hedding and his firm high enough. If you need the best, look no further. I personally recommended him to all of my relatives and friends.”

Anthony M.

“As a licensed professional facing a felony weapons charge and a potential prison term, I was in desperate need of a highly skilled and knowledgeable criminal attorney. Mr. Hedding delivered the goods. He got the charge reduced to a misdemeanor and I not only avoided incarceration, I kept my license.”


“Took a very stressful situation DUI with impact and I received a minimum sentence I feel with out Ron SR and Ron JR it would have been a lot worse.These guys are reasonably priced and walk you through the process very good”


“I had a hit and run case that needed to be handled. I had called numerous lawyers who were unresponsive and charged too much for my case. Then I found the Hedding Law Firm, they gave a free consultation, face to face and charged me way cheaper than the other lawyers. In that instant I was sold. Fast forward a few weeks later and my case has been dismissed, no court, no stress, no more worrying, amazing! I highly recommend this law firm, they truly do go above and beyond their call of duty!”

A Satisfied Client

“Ron Hedding was terrific, going above and beyond what he was paid to do, to help my son tremendously. He charged a fair price and more than earned his fee. I recommend him without reservation.”


“Ron Hedding did a remarkable job! He took the time to listen and understand my situation. He acknowledged all of the recommendations that I wanted and kept me thinking positive. He was pro-active and I felt as if he was working on my case throughout the month. He knew the prosecutors at the Van Nuys court and was a real advocate on my behalf. I walked away with a misdemeanor being dismissed. This was very important to me and I trusted him 100%. I would recommend him to my friends and family. His price were reasonable and less expensive than other attorneys in the area. I am glad I made the decision to retain him and his team. They are good honest attorney. Thank you Ron!! (I rate him excellent but the computer only allowed me to put good)”


“Ron Hedding took on my case which was a very unique personal injury case. He believed in me and fought hard for compensation that I deserved. He would not settle for less and I trusted his every move. He also helped me find doctors that were able to help me so I could begin healing. I will be forever grateful to him.”


“To anyone facing drug charges – as in, felony with a prior arrest record – this is the attorney to retain. He made an unbearable experience bearable from the first meeting. Ron knows his stuff as well as the people who run the courthouse. It seemed vital in my son’s case that he not only knew the judge but was friendly with the prosecutor. The deal he got for my son was unexpected and what’s more, the judge reduced it further. I would recommend Ron Hedding without hesitation.”

A Satisfied Client

“Thanks to Ron Hedding I’m in a position where my life is back in order. He definitely made the process a whole lot easier.”

A Satisfied Client

“I can’t express thanks enough to Ron Hedding for the spectacular job he did defending my stepson who was facing a half year jail sentence for felony possession of marijuana (with intent to sell). Ron resolved it with a reduction in the charge, no jail time, probation and the opportunity to convert the felony to a misdemeanor and expungement once probation was successfully completed. Ron is a very sharp attorney who knows the law and has great relationships with people at the courthouse. As importantly, he helped us manage the worry that anyone in our position would feel. Thank you so much, Ron.”


“I have the greatest esteem for Ron Hedding and would highly recommend him as an attorney. I had a legal issue that was causing me a great deal of stress and anxiety. I was starting to lose sleep. He was very reassuring and expedited taking care of the matter for me. In fact, I could not believe how quickly he resolved this issue for me.”


“Ron and his staff know their way around the courts and have provided me with the utmost professional service. I highly recommend Ron and sincerely appreciate all that he has done for me.”

A Satisfied Client

“Ron Hedding has delivered on his promises and more. He was able to negotiate a plea deal that is impossible to get. He promised to take care of the case and did not delegate it to another junior attorney. He put my mind at rest. I highly recommend him. He is not like the rest.”

A Satisfied Client

“I was referred to attorney Ronald Hedding by a fellow client. They stated he worked a miracle for them. After meeting with him i felt maybe my life wasn’t over. He not only had a strike removed, but also kept me out of prison. During this entire nightmare he kept me up to date on all that transpired with my case.”

A Satisfied Client

“Great lawyer. Extremely trustworthy and responsive. Got me out of a hole I thought I would never get out of. I consulted with 3 other lawyers in Los Angeles before choosing to go with Hedding. He truly stood out in his experience and honesty. I’d definitely recommend him to friends and family.”


“Hedding and his associates are very knowledgeable in regards to DUI defense cases. I was very nervous about my case, but Hedding made me feel confident and at ease during the process. He is different from other lawyers. I automatically felt that I could trust him when I went in for my initial consultation. My case was settled in no time.”


“I am not a client but Ron has advised me on a matter/question that I posted on AVVO. I was very impressed by his timely response. I also asked him another question regarding my friends’ spousal support, he was very helpful too. Thank you so much, Ron.”


“I was very impressed with his professionalism from the time I met in his office to the dismissal of my case. He showed up on time and knew how to handle the case. The judge was very responsive and almost made it too easy.”


“Ron did the job he said he would. Hedding Law in Encino really know the DUI game and the courts, prosecutors, all of it!”


“Ron is the go-to lawyer for any cases, especially those specializing in DUI. He knows everything you should know about the law. And he doesn’t mind spending the time to learn more in order to help you win.”


Ronald W. Hedding, ESQ.

“My daughter got herself in trouble in which I needed a lawyer asap. My sister to found Hedding Law Firm via internet with great reviews so I called him. I explained the situation on the phone and he saw us that same day. Both my daughter and I were wrecks – he immediately put us at ease and explained everything. With his knowledge and understanding of the system he was able to keep my daughter from going to jail. Ron Hedding is trustworthy, kind and easy to talk to; that I even recommended him to a friend. Hire him, you won’t regret it.”

A Satisfied Client

“Well let me start off by saying that i was very impressed with how professional and understanding Mr. Ronald William Hedding was. I had a previous lawyer that took my case and we went to court and i pled no contest to my DUI. Unfortunately afterwards i lost my job and wasn’t able to get registered into my classes. I contacted my previous lawyer and he put me on calendar to go back to court but when the date came up he wasn’t able to go to court for various reasons. It got to the point that i had a warrant out for my arrest and i had to make something happen fast or there was a very good possibility that i was going to get locked up. My father contacted various lawyers but everyone wanted thousands of dollars just to go back to court for one day and get my warrant removed. My father stumbled across Mr. Hedding’s and he was very understanding about the entire situation and he scheduled me in for the following week. He went to court and for the first time a lawyer did what he said he was going to do and got the warrant recalled and me back in class. It was the first time that i felt that my lawyer earned his money. I haven’t had to many lawyers but i had a bitter taste in my mouth still from my previous lawyer that charged me 3,500 dollars and didn’t do anything that i couldn’t do on my own. My previous lawyer painted one hell of a pic and didn’t do anything that he said he was going to do and then left me out in the dust when i needed him to recall my warrant. Not only did Mr. Hedding do what he said he could do for me but he didn’t bankrupt me with the fee’s he charged me and to top it all off in LA county they make you pay 100 dollars to just enroll into your DUI classes. At the time i didn’t have any money on me. He then pulled out 100 dollars out of his own pocket and said go register in your classes so you don’t have to come back and take time out of work. I’ve never met suck a king hearted lawyer before. This guy was a angel sent. He didn’t stereotype me based on my DUI conviction he based everything off of my character. Of course i made it my soul purpose to make sure that he received all of his money in return. Im never planning on him having to represent me in any cases from now on just because I’m never going to get in trouble again but i will definately recommend him to everyone i know. Thank you Mr. Hedding for believing that theres still good/trustworthy people out there. Thank you very much and god bless..”


“I was pulled over for a DUI in November ’13. I waited up until the day before my court date to get representation from the Hedding Law Firm. Not only did he accept to represent me, he did it without taking full payment on the quoted price. (He let me pay the remainder of the balance a few weeks later) For it being my first run in with the law and my first experience hiring a lawyer, I was a little nervous about the whole thing, given all the horror stories about terrible lawyers.. I never thought I would be so at ease about the whole process. I was always informed what was going on either via mail or phone call. At no point did I feel Mr. Hedding was lying or telling me what I wanted to hear.. He was honest and straight to the point. I couldn’t be happier with the whole experience. Oh and did I forget to mention that he got my DUI arrest down to an exhibition of speed ticket!!!!”

A Satisfied Client

“Hedding Law Firm met and or exceeded all my expectations ….I had the priviledge of working with Mr. Ron W.Hedding Sr.

Not only did we win our case but he was very detailed and professional …Always available and present during my stressful experience, I felt a sense of comfort in the court room and really appreciated his genuine support ! Highly recommend this law firm and especially Mr. Ron W. Sr…”

A Satisfied Client

“The Hedding Law Firm exceeded our expectations. Our court dates were continually postponed and we were required to appear multiple times, they always had a representative with us until a satisfactory Judgement was reached.”


“I highly recommend Hedding Law firm. Ron Sr. handled my boyfriend’s and mine’s DUI cases exceptionally well. He managed to get both our DUI charges reduced to exhibition of speed with 2 years probation, as well as getting the chargers expunged after probation is served. Ron maintained great communication throughout the whole process, and kept us informed every step of the way. He also has great connections with the Van Nuys courthouse. We could not be more satisfied with his level of work to get the best sentencing given our circumstances.”

A Satisfied Client

“Ronald William Hedding I believe is one of the most qualified, knowledgeable and caring lawyers. Mr. Hedding went out of his way to make sure my case was resolved fairly and promptly. I highly recommend the Headding law firm!!!!!!!!”

A Satisfied Client

“Excellent attorney! Mr. Hedding did a great job handling my case. He is very punctual and responsive, always returned my calls and kept me informed of any developments in my case.”

A Satisfied Client

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