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Client Testimonials

Ping W. Recommends Ronald D. Hedding, ESQ.

“Mr. Ronald Hedding is amazing, handling my case superbly! I had a domestic violence case and I was panic as hell. Mr. Ron Hedding listened to me very patiently, asked many questions and took all of my concerns seriously. He walked me through possible outcomes and what he could do to help me. Without any hesitation, I chose him as my attorney after consulting with several others. He was very pro-active and always kept me well informed. He had good connections in the LAX court and knew the persecutor very well. The entire hearing lasted less than 10 minutes and I walked away with case dropped. I'm so glad that I asked him to be my attorney. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing a criminal defense attorney.

Last but not the least, his price is very reasonable, the lowest among several attorneys I consulted.”

– Ping W.