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What Happens if You Are Arrested for a Crime in Encino, CA?

Encino is a wealthy community for the most part, although it is pretty big and stretches across a number of different miles.

If you are arrested for a crime in Encino, your case will more than likely end up in the Van Nuys Courthouse, because Encino's jurisdiction is controlled by Van Nuys.

The only way I can see the case not going to Van Nuys if the alleged crime occurred in Encino, is if it is a serious case involving a special prosecutorial unit in the District Attorney's office.

Then the case may end up in downtown Los Angeles, where most of the prosecutors are housed who handle special sex crime cases, special murder cases, gang-related offenses, police officer-involved matters.

There's a whole list of different prosecutorial units that deal with different serious criminal cases in Los Angeles county.

Van Nuys Courthouse

Van Nuys Courthouse
If arrested for a crime in Encino, CA, then you case will normally go through the Van Nuys Courthouse.

For the most part, your case is going to go to the Van Nuys court.  I've been practicing there now for the last 26 years.  It's a very fair courthouse.  The jury pool is pretty conservative though.

So, if you are going to take your case to trial based on an arrest in Encino, you better make sure you've got a good case.

Obviously, that's something we have to sit down and talk about because you've got a conservative jury pool that's going to be tough on crime if the prosecutors have the evidence to prove the case.  Obviously, that's something we would sit down and talk about.

I see a lot of different types of crimes in Encino, ranging from big theft-related offenses, embezzlement, Ponzi schemes.  Also, you've also got the lower-end crimes like DUIs.

There's a bunch of burglaries because there are a lot of nice affluent homes in the area, so burglary charges are common — even home evasion and just regular robberies are prosecuted in the Encino area.

Experienced Criminal Lawyer in Encino, CA

So, if you or a loved on is charged with the crime and the genesis of the crime is in Encino, or even if you live in Encino, my office at 16000 Ventura Boulevard has been in Encino for almost 30 years.

I've been handled criminal cases and have a lot of experience.  I am available to meet just about every day.  You just have to call my office and ask for a meeting with Ron Hedding.

We'll sit down obviously, under the cloak of the attorney/client privilege.  None of the information will be shared with anybody else.

You can feel free to talk about your situation.  I can bring to bear my years of experience to help you figure out what to do.

I think our first meeting is important because obviously, before you meet with an attorney, most people who haven't been charged with a crime before are very scared.

They are not really sure what to do or how to approach it and are worried about what type of punishment they might be facing.

Contact the Hedding Law Firm If Charged with a Crime

Contact the Hedding Law Firm If Charged with a Crime in Los Angeles
Call the Hedding Law Firm to review the details of your case.

So, I think it's critical that you get to an attorney like me, sit down with them and get all your questions answered.  Most of the time, I notice that clients who meet with me for the first time feel pretty comfortable when they leave because now they know what they're up against.

That fear of the unknown is not an easy thing to grapple with.  Once you have an idea of what you're up against, and a lot of times it's not as bad as you thought, that can help you kind of take control of the situation, feel better about it and move forward in a positive direction.

Pick up the phone now.  Ask for a meeting with Ron Hedding.  I stand at the ready to help you.

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