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Factors That Influence A Drugs Sales Case In Los Angeles

These drug sales cases despite all the propositions that have been passed, are still taken very serious about the prosecutors. The prosecutors, judges and the police believe that drugs and the sale of drugs in society is not only dangerous, but also that it's very destructive to our society's children and other individuals who become involved with drugs.

So, the people that are selling them are typically going to be placed in a situation where the prosecutors and judges are trying to put them in prison. In other words, they don't want people selling drugs because of the bad impact that sales of drugs has on our society.

Prosecutors Seeking Prison for Drug Sales Cases in Los Angeles

Typically, what you're looking at in a drug sales case in Los Angeles is prison time. The way to get out of prison time is if it's your first offense, it doesn't involve a large amount of drugs, there's not weapons involved and nobody gets hurt.

Then, the standard punishment, which of course is arguable, but the standard punishment for drug sales cases in Los Angeles is 180 days in county jail. Now, that can end up being no time in jail if it's handled the right way and it can also end up being prison depending on the circumstances.

Amount of Drugs and Money in Los Angeles Drug Sales Cases

So, really what you need to know when it comes to the factors that are influencing these drug sales cases is, how many drugs are we're talking about, how much money was the person making and how big of an operation was it?

Because obviously the more money, the bigger the operation, the more dangerous, the more likely they're going to want prison time – and significant prison time.

Another issue is the weight issue. In other words, the more weight there is behind the drugs, the more money the person was going to make, the more likelihood the prosecutors are going to seek a harsh punishment. There's also enhancements in drug-related offenses in Los Angeles where you could be looking at a five or ten year sentence depending on the amount of drugs that you were involved with.

Trafficking and Prior Convictions in Drug Sales Cases in Los Angeles

When it comes to sales of drugs in Los Angeles, the terms trafficking and possession of sales, and even giving away drugs are all under the same umbrella. They all carry serious penalties. Another big thing when it comes to these drug sales cases in Los Angeles is whether you have any prior convictions.

Prior convictions could certainly be used to enhance your sentence. In other words, prosecutors and judges are going to look at those prior convictions and take the position that you didn't learn from your prior punishment in your drug sales case in Los Angeles and therefore, they're going to give you a harsher, longer punishment to encourage you not to commit any more drug-related sales offenses in Los Angeles.

Weapons and Gangs in Los Angeles Drug Sales Cases

Other factors that can impact a drug sales case in Los Angeles is if you have a weapon. Weapons are dangerous. Drug dealers guard their drugs with guns, and if you're found with a gun in relation to drugs, then expect they're going to want prison time. They're going to add an extra allegation against you related to these drug charges because they're going to find that you're more dangerous because of the gun.

Another factor that they look at in drug sales cases in Los Angeles is whether or not there's any gang activity involved. In other words, there's a gang enhancement related to drug cases in Los Angeles.

If you're involved with drugs for the benefit of a street gang, then you can expect that the prosecutors are going to add an extra allegation for that.

You're going to be looking at more potential prison time related to the drug offense and it makes it a lot more difficult for you to stay out of prison and be able to deal with your case is you have guns or are involved with a gang related to drug-related activities.

Another thing they're looking at in the drug sales cases is the sophistication level of your drug related activities.

It certainly makes sense that the more sophisticated you are, the more people you are impacting in society, the more drugs you're moving, the more money you're making and the more punishment you're going to be looking at from these prosecutors and judges in Los Angeles county.

Los Angeles Drug Crime Attorney

So, if you've got a drug sales case, give me a call. I've been doing these cases for twenty-five years in all the courts in Los Angeles. I know what factors influence judges and prosecutors. I know how to win the cases.

I know how to file options, like search and seizure motion, motions to stop the search of homes and to suppress the drugs that are found. The bottom line is you need somebody who has done this before and had a lot of success.

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