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Drug Trafficking In California

California Health and Safety Code 11352 – Drug Trafficking

The drug trafficking laws have always been very harsh because of the impact on individuals across the country that drug crimes have. Whether it be causing people to overdose or commit other crimes, drug trafficking is responsible for a number of different crimes in addition to the drug trafficking itself throughout Los Angeles County.

So, if you’ve got a drug trafficking-type offense pending in one of the criminal courts in Los Angeles, it’s definitely incumbent upon you to hire an attorney who has a lot of experience with these type of offenses.

One question becomes, is the case a felony or a misdemeanor. Most drug trafficking cases, because they involve significant amounts of narcotics, guns, violence, are usually filed as felonies. If it’s filed as a misdemeanor, then Drug Traffickingyou’re probably considered a small-time player and you’re in a much better position to get a resolution that can protect your rights, your freedom, your record and your reputation.

There are all sorts of drug programs that people can avail themselves to because of all the Propositions that have passed in the legislature, but not all of them apply to drug trafficking cases.

Drug trafficking is not really a crime in and of itself. It’s a theory by which the prosecutors can charge people with possession, possession for sales and sales of drugs throughout Los Angeles.

Drug trafficking really has to do with a general term of the movement of drugs from one place to another. Sometimes mules move the drugs — these are individuals who are just being paid a very small fee in order to move — usually a very large amount of narcotics that’s quite valuable to people on the other side — and those individuals supplying the drugs.

Legal Defenses for Drug Trafficking

There are all sorts of issues that can come up in these drug trafficking cases. Defenses like illegal stops, illegal searches and illegal wiretaps, these are all things that I am constantly looking at as I defend these drug trafficking cases throughout LA, throughout California and throughout the country in the federal cases that I handle as well.

One of the biggest things is that marijuana has been legalized, so this drug trafficking has been limited considerably. Although it’s still illegal to move marijuana from one state to another, and also depending on if you’ve grown the marijuana legally and what your purpose is, I am seeing people being arrested and prosecuted for large amounts of marijuana being moved actually within LA County and throughout the State of California.

What I’m trying to do as a California criminal defense attorney in these drug trafficking cases is either get the case dismissed by way of some sort of motion or defense or limit my client’s exposure. If we can get a straight possession, obviously that puts you in a much stronger position.

The Propositions and legislature has helped significantly, especially as it relates to marijuana and some of these other possession-related crimes. But when it comes to sales, possession for sales, trafficking of drugs for big money, these cases are still prosecuted by the major narcotics unit of Los Angeles County and by various narcotic agencies throughout the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles and surrounding LA counties. There are often severe penalties for a drug trafficking conviction.

So, if you have one of these cases, you must get an attorney like me. We’ll sit down and go over everything and see if there are any defenses, see if there are any motions that can be filed, and then proceed with the case based on what we decide in our initial meeting and after reviewing all of the relevant paperwork related to the case.

Then we can really make a solid decision on how we move forward with drug trafficking defense in Los Angeles. For more information on Drug Trafficking in Los Angeles County, a free initial consultation is your next step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling (213) 374-3952 today.

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