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Tips For Avoiding DUI Charges In California

Posted by Ronald D. Hedding, ESQ. | Jun 04, 2017

The number of drivers, commuters and pedestrians flooding the roads in California includes a high number of alcohol-impaired drivers. Over 40% of driving related fatalities in California can be attributed to incidents of drunk driving according to the U.S. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. It is therefore of the utmost importance that people avoid drinking and driving, plan ahead and use the following tips to avoid driving drunk:

Always Be Sober When You Are Out And About

Sometimes when people have been drinking during the day, they may suddenly remember an important errand to run or to buy something for themselves such as food or even more alcohol! In such a situation, they may feel tempted to get in their car and drive to their desired destination. Do Not Do It. Try to avoid drinking during day time or if you have any errands to run, try to complete your daily activities during the day completely sober and avoid having to drive even when you have consumed a minimal amount of alcohol.

Use A Cab To Travel When You Have Been Drinking

DUI convictions often include drivers that were less than a mile from their destination so being close to your destination does not increase your chances of making it without an arrest. If you have been drinking it is advisable to stay with a sober friend or call a cab. A small cab fare is much cheaper than the cumulative cost of a DUI.

Arrnge For A Designated Driver When Drinking

When you are out partying or drinking with friends it is advisable to assign a trustworthy and responsible person in your group of friends to be the designated driver. Have someone volunteer for this position or you can draw straws. If no one is willing to perform this task then you should be the responsible one and do it yourself. It is better to miss out on a night of drinking than seeing one of your friends get a DUI or worse get seriously injured or die. It is also important to make sure that the designated driver does not drink. However, if that avenue doesn't pan out then use a cab or public transportation to get home.

Drink Smart

Drinking smart can make the difference in whether you get charged with a DUI or not regardless of whether you plan to drive or not. Eat plenty of food while drinking because the consumption of food delays the absorption of alcohol, preventing a spike in intoxication. Everybody has a different reaction to alcohol and drinking one drink per hour does not work for everyone. However for some people, one alcoholic drink is absorbed and eliminated from the human body in one hour. The metabolism of alcohol is a very complex process and varies significantly based on a driver's gender, weight, and the amount of water and food in their system.

So it is important to be careful and make advance plans for a designated driver or a place to stay in order to avoid driving drunk. If you are unfortunately arrested for a DUI in California nonetheless, it is critical to retain a competent and experienced DUI defense attorney to help protect your rights and freedom.

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