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Real Truth About Drug Cases In Los Angeles

Drug cases have had a history in Los Angeles from the 80's when Ronald Regan was president and passed all of these strict drug laws where people were getting mandatory minimums in jail, sent to prison for long periods of time, to now fast-forward ahead to 2016, 2017, 2018 where all these propositions are passing. Marijuana has been legalized in California.

Other drug offenses, like possession of cocaine that was a straight felony for many years, is now a misdemeanor.

Strict Prosecution and Penalties for Drug Offenses

It's unbelievable the turn of events that have gone on. But the real truth is that even though they've relaxed in a lot of areas of the drug laws, when it comes to selling drugs and possessing weapons with drugs and all the bad things that we associate with drugs,

Drug Cases

like gang members and mafia-type activity, the prosecutors and judges are still very strict on these crimes and may be even more strict than they were before, because they've lost the ability in a lot of cases to put serious punishments against those individuals who are possessing the drugs.

So, now they've turned their attention to those individuals who are selling it, who are supplying or and putting it on our streets and who are using violence to protect and sell their drugs.

Law Enforcement Sophistication Pursuing Illegal Drugs

And they are trying to put these people in prison for long periods of time.

There are multi-task forces that are going around with both the federal and state governments, breaking upon doors, searching people's home, pulling them out of their car, following them, and the individuals who are involved with these drugs are becoming more and more sophisticated where they are shipping them in huge trucks to hide them from law enforcement, using all types of media in order to communicate like with a What's Up App, texting and all sorts of different social media and they're hiding their activities from law enforcement.

So, that's causing law enforcement to have to get more sophisticated in the pursuit of these drugs that are entering the United States, and specifically Los Angeles.

So, the real truth is, if you're charged with any type of a drug-related defense, number one, hopefully for your sake it's one of those possession-type cases and they're not claiming your selling, because if it's a sales-related case — and under that sales umbrella is the word trafficking, possession for sales, even giving away drugs is on par with selling drugs. So, the bottom line is, if you have one of these types of offenses, you need to get an attorney who has dealt with these types of cases before.

In the twenty-five years that I've been dealing with drug sale-related offenses, all kinds of different things have happened. Different drugs have been introduced — synthetic drugs, Ecstasy. The list goes on and on while the other drugs that have been there for many, many years have remained.

But the bottom line is, if you're involved with any type of a controlled substance that's being illegally sold and its impacting people's lives and society, bet your bottom dollar every law enforcement agency there is, is out to catch those type of activities.

Whether it be the local Los Angeles authorities for example or the federal government. They are looking to stamp out not only the sale and possession of drugs but also the activities that surround those sales and possessions.

Guns being involved to enforce the sale of drugs, trafficking of drugs throughout the United States, and in particular, California, Los Angeles and any other activity that's connected with the sale and possession of drugs is obviously going to be infiltrated by the government in order to attempt to stop people from using and possessing drugs.

Consult with an Experienced Drug Crimes Lawyer

So, if you have a case in a local courthouse in Los Angeles and you need help and you're concerned because you believe you're looking at many years in prison, in order to try to turn that tide and do damage control and defend yourself and your rights and your freedom, you have to have an attorney who knows these types of cases.

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