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Rave Party Drug Usage in California

Posted by Ronald D. Hedding, ESQ. | Nov 05, 2018

There's all sorts of concerts and rave parties throughout Los Angeles where people are getting caught by either undercover vice or some other way — maybe an employee, a security guard — and they're basically being charged with drug possession, drug sales and they're selling them at concerts, rave parties and different locations. A log of these individuals are young – they are millennial — and they don't realize how this drug possession charge can impact your life and put you in a very bad position as far as getting future employment and all of the things that you would enjoy and want to do with your life.

So, if you've got a drug-related offense originating out of a rave party, some concert or some other venue and you've been arrested by either undercover police or security for the venue, it's imperative that you get an attorney who has handled these cases because a lot of times the prosecutors are not too friendly about them and they want convictions. They want to put a mark on your record — a stain on your future. In order to avoid this, you need somebody who is going to get in there and fight for you and talk about you as a person and the potential that you have. Maybe you're doing some great things in your life. Your attorney needs to be the champion of that information related to you, so you can get sort of alternate sentencing that doesn't have anything to do with a conviction, keeps you out of jail so you can basically earn a dismissal of the case and earn trying to get the record sealed and destroyed if you're a juvenile, or if you're an adult, try to figure out some other way to minimize the damage and the impact to your record.

There are defenses to these cases. A lot of times the police or undercover police will illegally stop you, illegally search you and then we can file a motion to suppress any evidence that they found because they violated your Fourth Amendment right to the Constitution. But where it starts to get tricky in some of these rave parties or concerts is — a lot of times the people grabbing an individual, searching them and finding the evidence against them — it's not the police. It's someone who is security or private security, so they don't have the same rules that the police do. Private security gets their hands on you, arrest you, find drugs on you and then hand you over to the police. There's nothing wrong with that. We're not going to be able to challenge that on constitutional grounds.

So, we really have to know what the circumstances of the situation is related to your drug-related offense at one of this rave parties or concerts so we can figure out what defenses might be available to you and also try to do some damage control so we protect your record, we protect your future, we protect your ability to get a job and all of the other important things that need to be protected when it comes to these sort of offenses.

So, if you've been arrested at a rave or some sort of a concert related to drug trafficking — whether it be just straight possession, being under age, selling it, possession for sales — you've got to get somebody like me who's been doing this for twenty-five years. I handle a lot of clients who are younger — who are trying to build a future and make a mistake — and now they need someone to help them and get them in a position where they can recover from the mistake and that's when we get you in, we go over everything. We figure out exactly what the real circumstances are because sometimes the police don't do a thorough investigation – they don't get your side of the story, and then we find out about you – who you are as a person, what you are doing now and what you plan to do in the future – maybe you want to go to college or maybe you're just getting your career started out – whatever the case may be – we have to figure out a game plan here to protect your interests so that this does not ruin the rest of your life, just because you might have been experimenting or involved in some sort of drugs related to a rave party or other social gathering.

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