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New LA District Attorney Policy on No Prison for Felony Cases

Posted by Ronald D. Hedding, ESQ. | Dec 15, 2020

Learn How the New Los Angeles County District Attorney has Announced a New Policy of No Prison for California Felony Cases

The new District Attorney of Los Angeles county, George Gascon, has made a major announcement to his Deputy District Attorneys prosecutors.

In Special Directive 20-14, he said that if somebody is charged with a felony, then it will be presumed that that person should get probation instead of prison in every felony case, unless there's some unusual circumstances or the person is ineligible from getting probation.

That's a huge change in Los Angeles.  Now that gives defense attorneys a weapon against some of these prosecutors who want to send their client to prison.

We can now say, wait a minute, your own office policy says that you are to give the person probation.

Probation vs Jail Time in Los Angeles County

New LA District Attorney Policy on No Prison for California Felony Cases
The new Los Angeles County District Attorney announced a major changes on how felony cases will he handled.

Just because somebody is given probation, doesn't necessarily mean they stay out of custody.

However, the most time they can be given on a felony in Los Angeles if they're put on probation, would be a year in the county jail.

Right now, because of the overcrowding in the county jail and the Coronavirus, you're serving a small percentage of that year.

So, those people who might usually be facing prison for a felony charge in Los Angeles county, now have the opportunity to get probation.

The head District Attorney in Los Angeles has basically written a new policy and directed his prosecutors not to seek prison in a lot of these cases.

So, this gives us a very solid fighting chance in these criminal cases.

Criminal Defense in Los Angeles

So, if you or a loved one is charged with a felony in Los Angeles county, you need an attorney  to make sure that you have a chance to stay out of prison.

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer
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Also, to make sure that even if you do get probation, that the terms and conditions of that probation are fair.  If you're looking to stay out of jail, obviously you're going to want an attorney to argue that for you.

If you're looking to avoid other penalties that come along with a felony, if you're looking to get your case reduced down to a misdemeanor, now or at some other point, you definitely want an attorney to champion those rights.

So, for criminal defendants in Los Angeles county, this new policy regarding the presumption of probation in every criminal case is huge.

If you need help with a felony in LA county, pick up the phone.  Ask for a meeting with Ron Hedding.  I've been doing this for 27 years as a criminal defense attorney.

I stand at the ready to help you and protect your rights and assert all defenses on your behalf.

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