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How Will Election of New LA District Attorney Impact Criminal Cases?

Posted by Ronald D. Hedding, ESQ. | Nov 24, 2020

It's very surprising to me that the public has chosen to elect a new District Attorney in Los Angeles County.  Jackie Lacey has been a prosecutor in Los Angeles for many years.  I had cases against her way back in the day, but apparently a new day is dawning.

How this new prosecutor will interact with the police and with the prosecutors that currently sit in the many courthouses throughout Los Angeles county is still yet to be seen.

It seems very interesting what's going to happen.  Some of these courthouses that have very tough head prosecutors will see a turnover with new prosecutors coming in with a more liberal mindset.

So, if you have a criminal case pending in Los Angeles County, it's quite possible, depending on what type of a crime you or your loved one is charged with, that the new District Attorney in LA will change some things that could help you.

Coronavirus Impact on California State Prisons

How Will Election of New LA District Attorney Impact Criminal Cases?
Some courthouses with very tough head prosecutors will see a change on how cases are handled with new prosecutors coming in with a more liberal mindset.

That, combined with the fact that we still have the Coronavirus going on, could also be beneficial as well, because still, as I write this post, there are issues with people who get prison sentences actually going to prison.

The prisons don't want to take in new inmates, because what ends up happening inevitably is, those new inmates carry in the virus and now people are infected in the state prison.

They want to keep the prison locked down so nobody can get in there and then they can control the Coronavirus much more effectively.

The problem with that is there are people stacking up right now in the Los Angeles County Jail.  So, I think the new prosecutor is going to have to make some moves here.

Criminal Jury Trials Are Stacking Up

In addition to liberal policies, I think there's a huge problem going on right now in the courthouses because there are hundreds of criminal jury trials stacking up right now.

So, I think that some move has to be made in that regard because it's going to be very difficult to try all of these cases.  The courts are doing the best they can right now.

They are starting to try cases, but with social distancing and a variety of other issues. For example, co-defendant cases look like it's almost impossible if there are three or four defendants in a case — to try to try that case together.

This is what they usually do, so that could create three or four separate trials.  That's another issue they have to contend with.

This new prosecutor that's coming in has indicated that he is going to do a lot of different things than what Jackie Lacey has done.  We'll see if that's true and we'll see how that impacts the criminal justice system in Los Angeles.

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Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer
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