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History of the Lancaster Criminal Courthouse

I can give you a pretty good criminal history of the Lancaster courthouse at least dating back 26 years that I've made appearances in that courthouse.  The current courthouse has been in operation for approximately the last five years.  It's new.  It's state of the art.

There's a lot of courtrooms and it really has the ability to service a huge population like the Lancaster, California area, and that's the problem.  Because Lancaster is not near a lot of other cities, that courthouse has to service that whole area.

It's very similar to Ventura court where they service that whole area as well.  So, even though the Lancaster courthouse is part of Los Angeles county, it is kind of onto itself and that's why I think it was so important for them to get that new big courthouse.

Conservative Jury Pool

I remember the old courthouse.  It was very small, dirty and it also had some very conservative judges in it and I would say there was a couple of hanging judges in there that were really vicious when it came to dealing with criminal cases, bail, taking defendants into custody.

History of the Lancaster Criminal Courthouse

So, I think since the new courthouse has been erected, justice is definitely dispensed much more fairly in my opinion, having practiced in both the old and new courthouse.

But the history of that courthouse is that it's known as a pretty conservative harsh courthouse with a conservative jury pool, conservative prosecutors, conservative judges.

As it currently stands, I believe the District Attorney's office is much more balanced in my opinion and dispenses justice much more equally and fairly than in the past.  The courthouse itself is a very reasonable courthouse.

Handles Large Volume of Criminal Cases

At this point as I make this post in the year 2020, they do handle a lot of criminal cases.  So, when you handle a lot of criminal cases, you're going to want to move the cases through the courthouse very quickly.

So, that's one thing you'll notice if you're a defendant or you watch any cases in the Lancaster court.  They're typically trying to move their cases quickly.  They don't like people to continue their cases.  They don't like cases to go on for months and months and months.

They're going to try to move the cases, and in my opinion, the reason they're doing that is because they don't want their whole court system to get clogged up with too many cases where they're simply unable to handle any court business.

Lawyer with Experience in Lancaster Court

So, if you've got a criminal case in the Lancaster courthouse — especially a felony criminal case — expect the case to move quickly.  You definitely want to get an attorney who has experience in the Lancaster courthouse,

This will put you in the best possible position to avoid jail time, prison time and some of the other bad ramifications that come along with any criminal case, whether it be in Lancaster of any of the 38 courts in Los Angeles county.

If you need help in the Lancaster courthouse, pick up the phone.  I've been dealing with cases there back 26 years now.  I have a lot of experience.  I know what it takes to be successful there.  Pick up the phone.  We can have a conversation over the phone.  We could have a face to face conversation if you have a criminal case that you need assistance with.

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