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Federal Criminal Arraignment at the Roybal Building

What Happens at Federal Criminal Arraignment at the Edward R. Roybal Federal Building in Los Angeles?

In downtown Los Angeles, when somebody is arrested and being prosecuted for a federal criminal case, they're going to be brought into the Roybal Building on the 3rd Floor.  That's where they have their initial appearance.  They'll be presented with the indictment related to their case.

Typically, they'll have to sign some paperwork appointing their attorney or indicating that they can't afford an attorney and then the attorney will be given whatever paperwork relates to the case.

Preparation of Detention Report

Another thing that will happen is that the probation or pre-trial services will prepare what's called a detention report and that report basically outlines for the judge whether or not the pre-trial service office thinks that the defendant should be released on some sort of conditions.

Whether it be a signature bond, a property bond or just their promise to appear.  The attorney is allowed to review that but cannot take that document out of the courtroom because it has private information about the criminal defendant, and then at the time of the initial court appearance the attorney can argue for the person to be released.

The government will have representatives there who pretty much sit there and deal with every case.  They'll usually be standing in for the prosecutors who are assigned to the case and court will call the case.  The attorney will get a judge assigned to the case.

Judge's Rules and Status Conference

Usually after the court appearances, the judge's rules will be given to the attorney.  Sometimes the judge will even have the attorney appear in their court that day or sometimes shortly thereafter for a status conference.

Criminal Arraignment at the Edward Roybal Federal Building

The attorney can also argue the bail issue and try to get their client out, and then new court dates will be set and eventually the prosecutor who is assigned to the case will get in touch with the attorney so the attorney can get all the discovery paperwork related to the case so they can properly prepare to meet with their client and go over everything.

So, those appearances in the Roybal Building are very important because they shape how the case is going to be dealt with because you're getting your judge.  Is it going to be a liberal judge?  Is it going to be a conservative judge?

Is it going to be a judge who is harsh on these type of crimes?  These are obviously, all considerations.  Are you going to be able to get out and fight your case from the outside or do you have to remain in custody?  Another huge implication.

Motion to Reconsider the Bail

There are ways to get the person out after the initial appearance.  If they don't get out with a Motion to Reconsider the Bail, a Motion could also be filed with the new judge depending on the circumstances of the case and decided at a bail hearing.

Whether there's some new information that the original judge has not heard before or do you just want the new judge to review the judge's decision who initially set the bond condition and maybe detained you so you can't get out.

So, that appearance in the Roybal Building is very important.  In my opinion, you should have your attorney already locked in by then.  Sometimes that's not easy to do because they move pretty quick to get the person in there once they arrest them.

So, it's hard to double-back and get an attorney, but I do cases in that courtroom all the time.  They usually just start at the beginning of the case.  One again, that does kind of set the stage for what's to come.

Call our Federal Criminal Lawyers for Help

So, it's important you get an attorney right from the get-go.  If you or a loved one has a pending matter in the Roybal Building on the 3rd Floor and you need assistance, pick up the phone.  Make the call.

We can discuss the case in the privacy of my office or over the phone and I can start making some moves right away to protect your rights, freedom and reputation related to your federal criminal case in downtown Los Angeles.

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