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What Pre-Trial Conditions Can The Court Impose In A Federal Case?

Pre-trial conditions depend on the circumstances of the federal criminal case. For example, if someone is involved with stealing money through the use of a computer, the court could tell that person that they are not allowed to use a computer while the case is pending.

If the person is known to flee the jurisdiction and has a passport, then a condition could be that they have to surrender their passport. It depends on the circumstances, what the person is charged with, and what type of a danger they might be to the community.

What Happens If I Am Accused Of Violating One Or More Of My Pre-Trial Release Conditions In A Federal Case?

If you are accused of violating one of the conditions, your bond could be revoked and you could be taken into custody. A judge is not required to set a new bond, so you may not have another chance to be released. It is very important that, if you have certain pre-trial conditions, you do not violate them.

What Happens After You Are Arrested In Federal Court? Do You See A Judge Right Away?

One of the good things about the federal court is most of the time when they arrest you, the federal government wants to get you into court as soon as possible. They do not like to hold people for no reason.

Most of the time, within the same day or the next day, they are going to get you in front of a magistrate and you are going to be entitled to argue for some sort of a bond. You are going to know what the charges are against you. Then it is just a matter of getting yourself an attorney, who can start fighting for your rights immediately.

What Is Discovery Like In A Federal Criminal Court?

The government is responsible for getting the discovery to the defense attorney. A lot of federal judges really want to move their cases along and will urge the prosecution to provide discovery promptly. A lot of times, there are thousands of pages of documents. As a defense attorney, you really have to know how the system works, where the case is pending, and how to get that discovery as soon as possible.

What Is The Pre-Trial Motion To Suppress Evidence In A Federal Case?

If someone is indicted and they have a trial pending, the judge will have certain rules as to when motions can be filed and what types of motions can be filed. There are all sorts of different motions that can be filed, depending on the circumstances and the totality of a federal case.

If, for example, someone is pulled over and some sort of incriminating information is found against them, if the pull-over and the search was illegal, then a motion can be filed to suppress that evidence. If that motion is granted, then the government would typically not have any evidence left to prosecute the person with, and they would have to dismiss the case.

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