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Consumer Fraud

Los Angeles Consumer Fraud Attorney

Consumer fraud has become a common white collar crime and our defense lawyers have the skill and knowledge to defend against a charge of consumer fraud. Consumer fraud is to knowingly and intentionally deceive an individual, group, or entity for personal gain.

For example, defrauding a consumer of products and services which are not what they are advertised to be is consumer fraud. Others a person can be charged with consumer fraud is through identity theft (which accounts for 40% of fraud committed), telephone or mail solicitations, internet fraud, income tax fraud.

Consumer fraud charges can be overwhelming and complicated and our Los Angeles defense attorneys are here to go through everything with you step by step and defend your case to the best of our ability.

Internet Consumer Fraud

Consumer fraud seems to be taking the form of individuals — usually on the internet — trying to trick unsuspecting other individuals who are being referred to as consumer out of money.

This is usually done by some sort of a scheme or scam involving goods or products or services or some other angle — emails are being sent to people.  They have them click and fill out their information.

When the fill out that information, all of a sudden that information is used to take their money and cause them identity theft.  So, consumer fraud is definitely on the rise, especially with the advent of the internet and the ability for some of these consumer fraud thieves to remain anonymous.

Some of these cases seem to arise from individuals who own big companies who are sending out mailers.  I've seen it where a family member dies and mailers are being sent out to them under the guise of somehow looking like it's coming from the state where they have to pay some money in order to get certain documents.

Scams To Get Victim To Send Money

I've seen real estate scams and other scams — they're just made-up scams and they're trying to get a person to send money or deposit checks.  The list goes on and on.  But, if you're charged with a consumer fraud crime, obviously you're going to want to get an attorney because the prosecutors and judge take this very seriously.

This strikes very close to home for them because they're also consumers.  They're out in the market too.  Maybe they've been scammed themselves or have seen scams themselves and think, if I get the opportunity to prosecute a consumer fraud case where somebody is trying to cheat other individuals, I'm going to punish that person very harshly.

You can't stop human beings from thinking this way, especially if they themselves or a family member or friend has been burned by some sort of consumer fraud.  So, with this in mind, you need to sit down with your attorney and get a game plan together to either show you didn't do any consumer fraud and that whatever produce or service you were offering was legitimate, or you weren't the one offering or whatever the defense may be under the circumstances of your case, or you have to somehow separate yourself from those people who are cheating other people and obviously discuss whether or not you can show that this is not criminal activity and this is not activity designed to cheat a consumer.

Developing a Game Plan For Your Defense

That's one of the first things we need to do if you have a consumer fraud case in Los Angeles — sit down and talk about it and get a game plan together — figure out what we can bring to the table that will make sense to put up the best possible defense.  Sometimes a defense is we're saying that you're innocent.

Other times we're more mitigating the circumstances.  Maybe we're providing restitution back to whoever lost money.  Again, whatever make sense under the circumstances is what's important when you're dealing with a criminal case in Los Angeles — that you handle it the right way from the very beginning.

Don't start off trying to face the case when in the end you're going to lose the case because that is usually not a good strategy unless you can prevail.  So, if you have a consumer fraud case and are being charged in Los Angeles county, pick up the phone, give me a call and lets talk and see what I can do to help you. Contact our California criminal defense lawyers to review your case.

Consumer fraud charges can result in excessive fines and imprisonment and that is why it is important for you to call our law firm and set up a free face to face consultation, and we will get started on your case immediately.