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Embezzlement Defense at the Downtown Courthouse

How our Criminal Lawyers Defend a California Penal Code 503 Embezzlement Case in the Downtown Los Angeles Court

There's a lot of embezzlement cases prosecuted at the downtown Los Angeles courthouse because there's a lot of businesses that are associated with downtown Los Angeles.

Also, you have a situation where a lot of the major fraud prosecutors are stationed near the downtown courthouse.  They have a building there where they prosecute all the major fraud-related offenses.

So, if you or a loved one is charged with embezzlement in the downtown Los Angeles courthouse, you've come to the right place.  I've defended people with these types of offenses now for the past 26 years.

I've dealt with the major fraud prosecutors and I have some pretty good strategies related to defending people for embezzlement charges in downtown Los Angeles.

Factors Considered in a Penal Code 503 PC Embezzlement Case

Embezzlement Defense at the Downtown Los Angeles Courthouse
There are a wide range of factors prosecutors will consider in an Penal Code 503 PC embezzlement charges. .

The types of things the prosecutors will look at and evaluate in an embezzlement case are what the circumstances were of the offense.  In other words, were you an employee?

Did you sit in a high-level position with the company?  How much was the embezzlement?  Do you have a prior criminal record for theft-related offenses?  There's a whole slew of factors that prosecutors and judges will consider in an embezzlement defense.

Some defenses related to embezzlement have to do with whether or not the prosecutors and/or police can get evidence together and prove that you actually stole money that didn't belong to you.

Obviously, they're going to have to present that to a judge first at what's called a preliminary hearing in downtown Los Angeles, and then ultimately, to a jury in the downtown LA courthouse.

So, if they don't have the ability to show the evidence that proves that you are guilty of embezzlement, then obviously they're not going to be able to prove a case against you.

Negotiating with Prosecutor on PC 503 Embezzlement Charges

That's something you and I will talk about once I have all the evidence that the prosecutors have.  I pass that evidence along to you so you can review it and then we'll sit down and meet and we'll make a decision.

We will decide on whether your case makes sense to fight in front of a jury at a jury trial, or whether this is the type of case that we should be negotiating and trying to work out a resolution.

Negotiating with Prosecutor on PC 503 Embezzlement Charges
We will decide whether to fight the embezzlement case in front of a jury, or whether we should negotiate for a resolution.

Some of the concerns that I'm sure you have, like most of my clients do, is number one, are you going to go to jail?  Obviously, for a first-time embezzlement case, if we can get the money back to the alleged victim, that puts us in a pretty strong position to try to avoid jail time.

The second question that people are thinking about is, am I going to end up with a felony conviction on my record.

Sometimes the prosecutors want a felony conviction, other times we can get a straight misdemeanor if all of the money can be paid back up front, the person has no criminal record, and a number of other factors are present with the case.

Other times, I've been able to work out a deal where a person can earn a misdemeanor.  In other words, pay the restitution off, the person pleads to a felony, the case is put over for a period of time.

They remain free from any new criminal charges, do whatever the terms of the probation are — a lot of times the prosecutors will agree at that time to reduce the case to a misdemeanor.

Reduce Felony Embezzlement Case to a Misdemeanor

Sometimes the prosecutors actually want you to get convicted of a felony and later on, after a year and a half for example, they say they won't object as long as you don't pick up any new cases, to the case being reduced down to a misdemeanor.

So, there's a whole bunch of different angles that can be used to get your case reduced down to a misdemeanor, even dismissed, depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding your case.

What I have you do is you come in and we sit down and talk about everything, and it's a back and forth, because ultimately, I'm going to end up having to talk to the prosecutor or even the judge.

I need to see what their position is, then come back to you again and we're going to talk about what they have to say.

Call Hedding Law Firm If Charged with Embezzlement

Call Hedding Law Firm If Charged with Embezzlement
Call our law firm to review the details of your embezzlement case.

Obviously, I'm going to be using my 26 years of experience, my connections — having done criminal defense now since the early 1990s — having worked for the District Attorney's office and having worked for a Superior Court judge.

So, you've definitely come to the right place if you or a loved one is charged with embezzlement in the downtown Los Angeles court.

Pick up the phone.  Ask to set up a meeting with Ron Hedding.  I stand at the ready to help you.

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