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Defense of Lewd Acts on a Child in Downtown Courthouse

Learn the Best Defenses for Lewd Acts on a Child Under Penal Code Section 288(a) in Downtown Los Angeles Courthouse.

The downtown Los Angeles courthouse at 210 West Temple handles most of the PC 288 lewd acts on a child prosecutions. This court is called the Clara Shortridge Foltz Court.

They handle these cases because the main prosecutors and the sex crime division is housed in downtown LA.  So, you're going to find that most cases are filed there.

If you or a loved on is charged with a PC 288, you're looking at a lot of issues such as prison time, life-time registration and whole host of other problems that you obviously don't want to get yourself involved in.

Evaluating the Evidence in the PC 288(a) Lewd Acts Case

Defense of Lewd Acts on a Child in Downtown Los Angeles Courthouse
The first step in defending a PC 288(a) lewd acts with a minor case is to decide whether the prosecutor can prove the case against you.

When we defend these cases, we have to decide first whether or not the prosecutors can prove the case against you or your loved one.  If they can prove the case and they've got the evidence, obviously, we will take a certain approach that makes sense for you and your loved one.

If on the other hand, you're innocent, they don't have the evidence and it's a weak case against you, obviously, you're going to want to fight that case.  You're probably going to end up at a jury trial in the downtown Los Angeles courthouse.

It's a good jury panel and you're in a good position compared to other courthouses in LA county.  The downtown LA court is one of the most serious courthouses, but the jury panel is fair and will give you a fair trial.

I've handled thousands of criminal cases and many PC 288 lewd acts with a minor cases over the past 26 years that I've practiced criminal defense in Los Angeles.

also worked for a Superior Court judge as his research attorney, so I think that gives me a pretty good idea of how to defend a sex crime case like lewd act upon a child.

Preparing a Defense Strategy for Best Outcome

When we talk about these types of cases, we're also going to have to be in a position where we are able to defend against the stigma that comes along with a PC 288 charge.

Preparing a Defense Strategy to Fight PC 288(a) Lewd Acts with a Minor Charges
When preparing a defense strategy to fight PC 288(a) lewd acts on a minor charges, we will closely evaluate all the prosecutor's witnesses.

Meaning, people automatically think someone charged with that crime is guilty and they look at the person differently than other types of offenses.

It really casts a shadow over a defense.  We need to realize that right from the get-go when we devise our strategy in the downtown Los Angeles court to defend a lewd act upon a child case.

Another big thing that you will see in these types of cases is that the prosecutors, if they can, will try and find other evidence and other witnesses against the defendant who can claim that that individual was involved in some sort of sex act upon them.

This will kind of stack the deck against a defendant in a criminal case because it poisons the jury when there's a bunch of witnesses saying similar type things about a criminal defendant.

This evidence is called 1108 evidence.  It's basically bad character evidence and it's used in these lewd acts upon a child cases in order to really poison a potential jury against a criminal defendant.

Call Hedding Law Firm If Charged With Lewd Acts on a Minor

Call Hedding Law Firm If Charged With Lewd Acts on a Minor
Call our law firm to help you fight against your criminal charges.

So, before you take one of these cases to trial, you obviously want to talk to your attorney about it. You need to make sure that you've got a real good chance of winning the case, because if you're convicted, the penalties can be very severe.

This includes life-time sex registration, many years in prison, and of course, everything that goes along with a sex crime in the Los Angeles courthouse.

So, if you or a loved on is charged with Penal Code Section 288, your case is in the downtown courthouse, 210 West Temple, or any of the court houses in Los Angeles county, pick up the phone.

Ask to speak to Ron Hedding.  I stand at the ready to help you fight for your rights, your reputation, your career and your freedom.

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