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Criminal Defense Attorney in the City of Pomona, CA

I've been practicing criminal defense in Pomona for the last 26 years.  I've handled a lot of high-profile cases an also a lot of small cases.  Pomona has always been a conservative jurisdiction with the judges and prosecutors really trying to hammer defendants.

I really never understood why.  The only thing I can think is that it is a pretty big population in the city of Pomona, and therefore, there's a lot of crime.  There's also a lot of gangs in Pomona city, so I think the prosecutors and judges have to put the hammer down, otherwise they will be overrun.

Pomona is in the county of Los Angeles, but the reality is Pomona is its own city.  It has its own personality and when it comes to criminal law, it has its own personality related to judges, the District Attorney's office and the City Attorney's office.

Criminal Lawyer for All Types of Crimes in Pomona

If you've got a case in the Pomona courthouse and the case occurred in the city of Pomona, you've come to the right place.  I've handled thousands of cases over the last 26 years in this courthouse, ranging from very small cases all the way up to murder cases.  I've got a lot of experience.

I've dealt with the prosecutors.  I've dealt with the judges.  Fortunately, now with Jackie Lacey as a prosecutor, she's been very reasonable as far as changing some of the courthouses that were known as being very conservative.

They are very prosecution-oriented and very severe when it came to punishments like Pomona an she's change them into a much more reasonable and flexible prosecution-oriented courthouse.

So, there are some things that can be done under the right circumstances.  What I'm looking for when I get a case is, what is my client all about?  Do they have a family?  Do they have a job?  Do they have a future?

Mitigating Factors in a Criminal Case

If I can make the determination that I've got a client who has potential, who' not a danger to the community, not going to run away from their responsibilities related to their case in the Pomona Superior Court, then we have a nice foundation to start to build a good defense, and a good defense is not always trying to win the case.

Criminal Defense Attorney in the City of Pomona, CA

Sometimes a good defense is trying to mitigate things and show the other side of the equation — show the type of person that you're dealing with and the type of family that you're dealing with and what can be lost if somebody goes to prison for a long time or ends up in county jail or gets a felony on their record.

Whatever the case may be, you've got to get an attorney who will fight for their clients, who knows the Pomona courthouse and the judges and the prosecutors and how they deal with cases and who has the skill set to be able to defend somebody who is charged with a serious crime.

Most of the cases that I have in the city of Pomona are serious crimes — whether they are some sort of a violent crime, whether they involve gang violence, whether it's a serious or violent felony pursuant to the Three Strikes Law of California — Pomona is set up to prosecute these cases and these are a lot of the cases that they deal with.

So, you have to have an attorney that can speak for you — that can get your version of events across to the prosecutor and judge.  Sometimes you're innocent and we need to talk to a jury, and you need to be found not guilty.

Seeking Lesser Charges or Case Dismissal

Other times they've got evidence that you've done something wrong and we need to figure out how we can mitigate things — how we can get a lesser charge — how we can try to keep you out of custody so you can still provide for the people that you love and are most close to.

My name is Ron Hedding.  I've handled a lot of cases in the jurisdiction of Pomona.  I'm ready to handle your case.  If you have a case where you were arrested in the city of Pomona, pick up the phone now and call me.

You'll be greeted by somebody who knows what they're doing, and we'll get either a face-to-face or a phone conversation/meeting set up and you'll start the process of getting your Pomona criminal case behind you.

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